Smokey Mountain Moves

Hello, I am yet living.

We are moving. The fire started it, but other circumstances encouraged it further. For the last month we have looked and looked for a suitable place. Rentals, houses to buy, land to build on…it’s kind of crazy, but every place we went to pursue more seriously fell through for one reason or another. But we need to move, and so the Dearliest’s parents have very generously said we can stay with them while we continue to look and (hopefully) build a place of our own.

*insert long peals of ironic laughter*

(For those who haven’t been with me super long, 4 years ago our house was very full. Uncle and Aunt Fine lived in the cabin, and 8 of the Dearliest’s family lived with us in the house. At the time they owned the property next door and were converting a large barn into a home. Shortly after they moved in [a couple months, maybe? I don’t remember] they had to move back out again, because a mudslide started to take it out. They lived with us a total of about 7 months. It was a time of Great Adventure.)

I’m grateful, I truly am. Especially with winter coming, I would MUCH rather be in their spacious basement in town than still on the mountain.

Things have thusly been nutso the last couple weeks (and, I imagine, will continue to be nutso for a couple more as we finish the move), but we’re maintaining good attitudes.

IMG_1272_resizeIMG_1299_resize IMG_1297_resize

In this time of change and uncertainty, some uncertain things have become certain.

Like harvest from the garden.


I refrigerator-pickled a gallon of beets (SO. GOOD.) and gave a bunch away. We got several pounds of carrots. The sunflowers are 15+ feet tall. The potatoes are GORGEOUS and we have been eating them regularly for over 2 weeks. We’ll need to dig them all up soon. We have around 200 pounds, if I’m not mistaken. And the corn is looking to be really, really tasty. If the deer don’t finish it off first. They broke in (literally–they snapped fence posts 6″ in diameter) and have been helping themselves for a couple weeks now.

Birthdays. Birthdays are certain.



LK’s birthday will be the last party on the mountain. We had 35 people over for it. Wa-hoo!

Also certain: I can officially make strawberry rhubarb pie.


The Dearliest got a rhubarb plant last year and I forgot about it. It survived the winter in a pot on the deck and put out lots of new greenery this year. We got it in the ground, and it grew. And the deer ate it. And it grew again. I grabbed the stalks while I could and yesterday got the strawberries. I’ve never had this sort of pie before (with the exception of apple, fruit pies are not my thing), but I like it. A lot. I’m SO bringing my rhubarb plant with me when we move!

Lastly, PenWending has a new story going! I’d almost decided to not share After the Storm because it ended up being more personal than I originally meant it to be, but it is a sequel, and since the first story left the main characters saying goodbye I felt I owed it to them to finish their tale. I put the first 2 chapters up yesterday, and the rest will follow over the next couple Sundays.


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