Garden Harvest Part 1

I needed today. I didn’t really need the way today started (a certain young toddler who will remain unnamed decided to wake up at 5:30 unhappy and I, being the mommy, got up with him), but there have been many redeeming things since my unplanned alarm clock. And the day is only half done!

Things like honey cheesecake, which I made last night, which meant it was perfect for breakfast. (As a note, whenever I have cream cheese, sour cream, AND Oreos in the house at the same time, I automatically assume a cheesecake will happen.)


Getting onto the main topic of this post, last night the Dearliest came home to 6 deer in the garden. They’d taken out two more sides of the fence and completely consumed the last of the potato greens, the sunflower leaves as high as they could reach, and a good chunk of the corn. They ate the leaves, ears, stalks, everything. Right down the to ground. The Dearliest was mad and after picking a couple dozen ears he came inside and announced we were harvesting everything this weekend, ready or not. Then he’s going to till everything left into the ground, because he’s done feeding deer.

I can’t really say I blame him. The garden, which was lovely and full and green a few weeks ago, is kind of sad now.


But there are still a few happy beetles, like this aforementioned unnamed Toddler Beetle.


After an hour of working on the corn, we hauled the wagon to the house.


Strangely enough, the deer left my basil plant alone, and since cold weather isn’t too far off I went ahead and pulled it.


I don’t know about you, but when I have fresh basil on hand, there’s only one thing for it.


Pesto has been my favorite pasta sauce since I was little. Before I knew what garlic was. Or Parmesan cheese, or basil for that matter. I just knew it was green and the yummiest thing EVER.

So, there’s my morning. They’re not usually quite this productive, but today’s a good day. Time now for naps and quiet time and TEA.


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