Here I am, albeit briefly. Moving is taking a little longer than planned due to a cold, a dislocated shoulder (the Dearliest is fully recovered now, but he didn’t do much for about a week), and some other wrenches that aren’t nearly as exciting.

This post is brought to you from the family’s library in town, which has two espresso-colored bookshelves that are–at present–filled perhaps only halfway with books. The rest are in boxes waiting for sorting. My piano will go in here once we get to that point, but for now it remains on the mountain as a daily source of therapy in this time of uncertain but inevitable change.

Which reminds me…several evenings ago Pokado sat at the piano plunking away, and I heard a song in the notes she struck. Over the next two evenings I penciled it out, and it came together pretty sweetly. I can’t wait to get it into Cakewalk, but I have to finish some other projects before I can start a new one. (I tell you, putting a “no more than 5 projects going at a time” limit on myself is one of the better things I did this year. Hard, but I’m getting more done. :-D)

Until next time!

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