Merry Two Days After Christmas!

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday. I know I did, in spite of feeling incredibly tired through most of it. I made the official announcement already, but I’ll do a recap for my little corner of the internet: There will be another Fogling arriving next year! The beginning of July is the current estimate.

In the chaos of the holiday season, I found my camera! Then I lost it again. Then I found it again. Here’s the last picture I took from our mountain, shortly before we left it.


I have other pictures to share, but those will have to wait for another post.

A couple weeks ago I attended a Christmas party, and one of the games played involved writing down a little known fact about yourself. I thought about it way longer than I should have…surely there must be something interesting in my past? Alas, the only thing I could think of was “qualified 3rd in a DDR competition.” Quirky, but not something I generally share because…well, that was a really different time in my life.

Of course, over the next few days all kinds of little known facts flew randomly to mind, and I thought I’d share a few of them with you. But not all, since who knows when the game might appear in a party line up again. 😀

  • I’ve met Tom Selleck. He’s way taller than he looks.
  • I once sat in on a rehearsal for a small musical group which included a man who (at the time) was considered the greatest pianist in the world. He asked for a page turner, and I was the only one who volunteered.
  • A musical piece I wrote was used in a video game.
  • I’ve toured a nuclear submarine.
  • I’ve kept an online journal/ blog since 2001.
  • I STILL hate bananas and mushrooms.
  • I learned fencing and archery in college.

So there you are!

Next up: Well, I should probably change out of my pajamas and get on with the day.

One thought on “Merry Two Days After Christmas!

  1. Still wish we had an in person catch up…
    The photo is stunning. I don’t think I can imagine the terrain or that I understand the perspective, I know I can’t fill in the reality of being there and yet it takes me far and away anyway.

    And then there is you…you crack me up.

    OH…a rather large p.s. Joyous congratulation and best wishes to you & ze poppa…and big hello to the little ones.

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