I am so behind on blogging.

One of these days I will sit down and share more about the following:

  • TW’s upcoming wedding, at which I play a grand piano in a state park next to the river.
  • Our new house! We’re still waiting for it to close, but Lord willing we should be moved in within a few more weeks.
  • LK’s upcoming birthday.
  • The huge fires around us. Smoke has been as thick as fog for the better part of 3 weeks now.

But for now I take the days one cup of tea at a time. I’m enjoying this time of super busy-ness, but I admit I’m looking forward to the day things calm down, even if just for a little while.


Here nor There

This post is brought to you by a nap gone AWOL.

“Sleep when your baby sleeps,” they say. In the last half hour, no less than 6 (make that 7) fire fighting vehicles have gone sirening (yes, I made that up) past the house. It wakes the new little up. It keeps me up. Therefore, I give up.
*     *     *
During a tense scene in a movie:

Nana: *gasps* Oh no!
Squeaky: It’s okay, Nana, he makes it.

For reference, here is Squeaky with the newest, whom the internet shall call Ann (Roman Holiday reference, for those who follow the nicknames :-D).


Hello, I haven’t been in the blogging world much. Life, in short, is busy. There is a wedding in a month (congrats to my sister-in-law TW and her fiance)! Another dear sister-in-law (WifePlusMum) and her husband just bought a house, so there’s Much Moving there. Not to mention the new baby and adjusting to a life with 5 wee ones. My word, time flies. LK is going to be 7 this year…how did that happen?


Pokado likes to help me change and dress Ann. No surprise there, as she loves to mother anything that will let her!


And, of course, there is Arc, who took Ann’s arrival in stride and is the only one of the kids who asks to hold her several times a day.


Ahhh, the sirens have stopped, and Ann is officially asleep. I might get my nap after all!