Weddings, Houses, and Cakes

There is a new uncle in the family! I shall refer to him as TM, which goes pretty well with TW, does it not? 😀 I am so happy for them, and I marvel at TW. It’s not every woman who can tackle planning a wedding, making the decorations, baking the cake, AND being the bride all at the same time.

The wedding went splendidly well, in spite of the wind that blew in. At least the weather waited until the reception! TW asked me to assist with music, which grew (due to circumstances and rising opportunities) into me playing a grand piano for them.

Did I mention they got married in a state park next to a river?

I hope, hope, hope, someone got pictures of the grand at the park, because I didn’t take a single one. Alas. I can, however, share with you the song I learned for their recessional. This is, of course, not me playing it.

I had to take 4 days off of practicing because I hurt my wrist doing it. The first day I couldn’t even pick up my hairbrush, my muscles were so unhappy! Oops. Fortunately I recovered in time to play for the wedding, and I look forward to having this piece under my belt. It’s one of the first pieces I ever heard from The Piano Guys, and it’s been a favorite for years.

– – – – – –

Just 3 days before the wedding, we closed on our house! We waited until after the wedding to begin work on it, and I’m going to do my best to document before and afters. This house is going to have a handful of those.

The first thing to change is the canoe in the wall. In fact, that whole wall needs help.


As of today the canoe is out (and sitting on the back deck, where the kids “fished” on lake Fogwood), and the wall is out too. We discovered a framed-in closet behind it (surprise!). Jury is still out on if we keep the closet or drywall the whole thing.

– – – – – –

LK turned 7 on the same day the house closed, and since life was already busier than usual, I had to inform him that I could make him a cake, but it wasn’t going to be super elaborate.


He approved (new toys!), and it was yummy.

The End


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