Rules of the Work


After two weeks of almost non-stop go on the house, I started finding myself exhausted by evening time. I was still excited about the progress and ready to tackle the boxes still waiting to be unpacked, but physically my body started protesting and rebelling and generally issuing all sorts of unhappy complaints.

And so I set two rules for myself: 1) Quiet/ nap time for the kids is quiet/ nap time for Mommy. No more working through it. (By the by, this blog post is brought to you by….dundunduuuun…QUIET TIME!) 2) Work stops at 9:30 pm. I found myself up at 11:00 too many nights catching up the dishes, or folding the last of the laundry, or unpacking just one more box…Not so great when the littles start tumbling out of bed at 7:00. (4:00 if you count wee Ann, who generally goes back to sleep after eating, but still. It’s an early wake up call.)

As someone who is ALSO trying to make more time for pleasure writing, crocheting, and making music, I’m hopeful these new rules will allow me a little extra freedom to pursue the hobbies a teeny bit.

We’ll see how this all goes.


The Move.

It happened!


(And there was much rejoicing.)

Amid the sea of boxes, unpacking, and organizing, life does continue. Just not super smoothly.

We walk around our property daily.

IMG_0042_resize IMG_0036_resize IMG_1838_resizeIMG_1840_resize

We turn things into art:

IMG_1899_resize IMG_1898_resize

(LK received a tool box with some basic tools for his birthday, and he collected wood scraps from the house remodeling to build The Dearliest and I helicopters.)


(Arc worried the old wallpaper something awful, and The Dearliest turned it into “War Feathers Wallflower”.)


(A small pile of gravel at N&G’s became a castle…it kept kiddos busy for a quite a while as we moved stuff out of the basement!)

I dream about the garden I will have next year. I’ve counted over a dozen rose bushes bordering a lawn area. A green house and a couple [currently overgrown] mature grape vines line another border, and my head is already spinning with ideas of garden parties.

IMG_1841_resize IMG_1842_resizeIMG_0083_resize

Schooling has taken a backseat these last couple weeks, but we did take some time to learn about the solar system. LK’s Granda observed our lesson and informed me about this video, which is pretty cool:

LK got excited by it, so I told him he could build his own model (just not to scale).


He was mighty proud of his asteroid belt.

And then, of course, there’s always time for kids to just be kids!

IMG_1885_resizeIMG_1862_resize IMG_1874_resize  IMG_1908_resize IMG_1911_resize(LK was here.)