This post is brought to you by a memory.

Two memories, actually.

First of a guy I knew due to mutual friends. He saw me on the sidelines of a dance floor once and encouraged me to get out on it. He was just being friendly, making sure I wasn’t left out, and it left a long and lasting impression.

Second of a young woman I met in college. We shared a poetry writing class, and I admired her writing. She was the second person I encountered at the university who professed her belief in God to a classroom, and I respected her even more after that. At the end of the semester I discovered she was engaged to the guy in the first paragraph, and I was thrilled.

Neither one of them really knew me, but both of them impacted my life. Just goes to show how sometimes the littlest thing can make a difference.

And now, they need help.

From their gofundme webpage:

Having dealt with a degenerative hip disease his whole life, Gabe Lenox’s new X-rays shocked the surgeons with the amount of scarring and deformity they revealed. At age 35, he needs a hip replacement.   

Through the pain, Gabe had built his service business, and started a young family. He ignored the arthritis setting in, and focused on building his business to provide for his family and employees.

Then his hip gave out entirely.  He was unable to work, plagued by pain and illness from the degeneration.  As this critical point was reached with his health, the business took a side track, and Gabe lost his controlling interest in the company.

 Out of work and unable to support his family, all of his efforts are now focused on the hip replacement he needs.

I ask my readers for prayers and to please spread the word.

More information can be found here: