Holidays, Transformers, and the Letter that Changes Everything

Well this year sure went by in a woosh. Wasn’t it just January? Or something?


Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays! I know we are, even though things are a little unorthodox this year. We still have a lot of boxes everywhere, which makes decorating a bit more of a challenge. Probably not going to do much of that.

Except a tree! We WILL get a tree! Because, you know, the Dearliest. It’s a must for him. Also, I already know where the boxes with lights an ornaments are, so that’s a plus.

The time between Thanksgiving and today has been spent on Christmas cards, but as of last night they are DONE, and as of this morning, they are in the mail! (As an aside, Transformers: Age of Extinction is probably not worth your time, even if you’re doing something else while watching.)

For those who follow the writing side of my blog, there hasn’t been much on Pen Wending lately. This is mostly due to an exciting development: I’m working on publishing a children’s book! I’ve been working on it off and on over the year. Two days ago I started drafting the query letter, and my goal is to have it ready to submit to agents sometime in January. We shall see what happens.

On that note, I’m compiling a list of individuals who would be interested in joining the test team. What this means: When I finish the query letter, I send it to you, you give feedback. Were there mistakes? Does it read smoothly? Do you even want to read the book I’m marketing?

I will be sending out a related email soon, because among other things there’s a pen name involved so I can’t just give out information here on the blog. If you want in, leave a comment or shoot me an email!

And now I hear the beloved unhappy calls (read: screams) of Baby Ann. Time to put the metaphorical pen away.

Until next time!



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