Yesterday Arc went with the Dearliest to run errands, and the story goes that the little blond almost-3-year-old was the center of attention wherever they went.

Until they got to their last destination.

Upon entering, Arc noticed a woman with a puppy, and she was surrounded by lots and lots of ooohing and awwing people. Arc oohed and awwed a little, but then he realized no one was paying attention to him. He gave the group an enticing, “Hi!” but all he got in return was a quick half smile from one lady.

The puppy was clearly more popular, and as the Dearliest wheeled the cart away, Arc had only one comment.

“Stupid dog.”

Sleepless nights, restless days, priceless bonding.

IMG_2083_resizeI speak, of course, of the Princess, who loves nothing more than to partypartyparty long into the evening. Or early morning, as the case was last night.

Isn’t she a dear. I don’t know how she can be so chipper with so much broken sleep, but then I don’t really function on less than 6 consecutive hours, so it’ll forever be a mystery to me.

Of course, it’s easy to be happy in the arms of Pokado. Who could ask for a better big sister?

Speaking of Pokado, she turns 6 on Monday! She’s growing up so fast, and her gracefulness and sweetness¬† increase with each passing day. She asked me to teach her to make pancakes last week, and that went down surprisingly well, considering the extra help we had!


Squeaky gave her input confidently, and by the end of the process she was a pro at identifying a ready-to-flip pancake. She can’t wait to be a little taller and help with the actual flipping. Until then, she’s all too happy to give everyone her opinions.

Another girl bonding moment happened this week in the form of nail polish. It’s a special occasion thing, and the fact that Pokado wanted to paint her nails is a special occasion. I’ve asked her about it off and on for over a year, but she’s been fairly stand-offish about the whole thing until recently.

IMG_2091_resizeWe made time for it, picked our colors, and not only did Pokado do her own nails, she offered to help Squeaky with hers. Then they watched me do mine, and their little faces beamed as we showed each other our pretty colors.




Lastly, my author site is alive, the first children’s book is done, and the second one is well on its way! The query letter is finished. I just need to take the next step of actually sending it out. Meep!

Hello, new year!

I hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Years. Ours was fraught with colds, Vicks, peppermint tea, and cough medicine, but we spent it together, and that’s what matters.

We acquired our tree a couple weeks before Christmas, and the kids decided they couldn’t wait to decorate. Ornaments? Who needs ornaments when you have toys?


The Dearliest was sickest Christmas Day and spent most of it in bed. He celebrated the day to the tune of Rambo, more Rambo, and Tremors 5. Poor guy.

Somewhere in there, we got the first true snowfall.

IMG_2013_resize   IMG_2022_resize

I don’t have too many pictures of the kids, alas, on account of everyone being sick. Even still, there were a few moments that I’m really glad I caught.

Anyone who has seen pictures of a younger Dearliest will understand this. LK had no idea why I was laughing so hard.


A happy Arc and Princess Ann moment.


Things should be calming down a little, so I’m hopeful I can start blogging more regularly again. We’ll see, though…I think I’ve said that before.