Grapes and Roses (and Greenhouses)

TheIMG_2156_resize weather has been warming up recently, and between daffodils starting to peek out of the ground and roses starting to bud out, I find myself in the initial garden panic. “Ahh! Must prune all the things!”



The sad thing about this place is that the grapes and roses were let go. It’s been who knows how many years since they were cut back properly (see photo at left; that rose is taller than I am!). I’ve never pruned roses before, but the Dearliest showed me how and assured me that it’ll be easier next year.

Whilst pruning one of the smaller shrub-type roses, I found a tag! I have a Christopher Marlowe English rose, cultivated by David Austin. That’s one of about 11 rose mysteries solved. I hope I can figure out the others!

I only have 3 roses left to prune, but one of them is the climbing rose on the arbor, so in theory that won’t take quite so long since a lot of the canes will stay.

When it’s all said and done, I wonder how much space all the cuttings will take up in the dump trailer? There’s still half the grapes to do!


Over the weekend, LK mixed up some seed starter soil and very carefully filled several seed trays. The Dearliest has a few more things to complete on the greenhouse, but it’s otherwise ready to go and just waiting for seeds!

IMG_2162_resize    IMG_2163_resize

Note: One should never look through seed catalogs while hungry.