High strung days and low key nights.

Life has been busy here, both inside and out. The Dearliest finished building the seedbed frame in the greenhouse, and after LK filled all the starting trays with soil we planted a bunch of seeds. Then a bunch more. Now we’re waiting for hundreds (yes, hundreds) of green things to pop up! The plan, for those wondering, is for LK to have a roadside plant stand later. And us to have a huge garden, of course. πŸ˜€

There are some plants on the property that aren’t waiting, like this eager tree. The Dearliest originally suspected it was some sort of willow, but now he’s not so sure.


We added two trees to the “orchard” area–an apple and a pear! I believe there’s already an apple on premises, but I can’t recall what sort. We do have pretty healthy-looking peach tree (it’s photobombing the pic), and I am SO looking forward to fresh peaches!


Stacking wood is almost a year-round activity for us, and there’s a possibility the Dearliest will bring home upwards of 50 cords of it (meep!) from a job this summer.


Outside work also means outside play, and the kids have no shortage of new games. Racing balls and Tonka trunks down the back of the Dearliest’s flatbed trailer, going shopping on the big tractor, and inventing teeter-totters.

So much outside timeΒ  often means neglect of the inside…yeah. It took me about 3 days to catch up the kitchen. And the laundry. And the house in general, which is why some of this next picture is cut out.


Introducing the newest musician in the family! He has one lesson under his belt and seems very motivated. We’ll see where it all goes.

Other inside adventures include the first ever dragon fruit (which is the fruit of a cactus)! If you’ve never had one, the flavor is mild. Not super sweet. Honestly, cucumber comes to mind, with a firmer texture.

And, behind all of this new activity is typical life in a house of littles. There are the fights. There are the kiddos who want their baths. The kiddos who most definitely do NOT want their baths. There are moments when they turn their nose up at fried eggs and the next day eat 3 at once without batting an eye (fickle, much?).

And, of course, there are moments like this:


The Princess still likes to party long into the evening, and she does it so cheerfully! She has always been this way. By 9 I’m exhausted and SO ready to crash, and generally we just hang out in bed until she actually crashes.

The Dearliest and I have been going through Star Trek: The Next Generation, because I’m a former Trekkie and he’s never seen it. I laugh a lot to myself through the episodes, because my word the show takes itself So Seriously! I mean, seriously?

The Princess sums it up quite nicely for me.


We call it her Ferengi grin. She does it a lot.

I think it’s safe to say the Dearliest finds ST:TNG mildly entertaining and moderately irritating. Some nights we take a break and watch Top Gear because…well, Top Gear.

(As an aside, SG1 wins every Star Wars/ Star Trek debate, ’nuff said.)

Lastly, things have worked out such with the authoring attempt that I find myself once again on Facebook. Mayhap I’ll see you there!

6 thoughts on “High strung days and low key nights.

  1. Would love to have seen the unedited version of that picture. If its any consolation, just now got my kitchen caught up after about three days myself. Still working the laundry. πŸ˜‰

    • I did think about leaving the photo alone in the interest of “keeping it real” and all that, but sometimes there’s a fine line between keeping it real and “that does not belong on the internet.” πŸ˜€

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