Various and Sundry

Also known as Things and Stuff.

Over the last couple weeks the kids and I have been preparing this little outbuilding:


For these! They arrived on Saturday.


Americanas (because blue and green eggs!), Buff Orpingtons, Black Sex Link, and one other black sort (not Australorp) that the Dearliest couldn’t recall. Good times are ahead, mostly in teaching LK and Pokado the ins and outs of chicken responsibility. And, of course, eventually the eggs.


The Princess wants to stand up so badly, and she loves to be walked around. She’s definitely one of more motivated babies I’ve had, but I suspect a reason. The wooden dining room floor unfinished where it meets the kitchen tile. We have the pieces needed to finish “the gutter,” but for reasons right now it’s just there (and vacuumed out regularly by LK,  which isn’t at all apparent in the picture).

The Princess hates crawling across it, and from her very first attempt at doing so protested at alarming volume. She quickly devised an alternative.


Behold, the spider walk. She’s been stepping over the gutter for weeks now, and my theory is that it’s gotten her inclined to walk upright at an earlier age. I could be wrong, though.


Do you know what this is?


It’s actually several things. You might recognize it as a slow-cooker shredded BBQ chicken sandwich with cabbage and carrot coleslaw.  It was intended to be the first in a slow-cooker series, because I miss sharing recipes. With only about 3 available feet of counter space, one cannot easily multitask in my kitchen, alas. Until we remodel the tiny kitchen, the crockpot has been one of my go-tos for simple, streamlined meals.

The photo is also the last slow-cooker meal I will ever make in the crockpot. Why? To put it simply, it broke.

The night I made the chicken, I left the crockpot on the stove top (I probably shouldn’t have done that). The next morning someone turned on the wrong burner, and after a time there was a tremendous shattering and a fabulous crash, and there was the crockpot in a fantastic mosaic all over the stove and floor.

So, now I’m hunting for a new slow-cooker.


Lastly, I wanted to shout out a little girlish “squee” at these necklaces. I’m not a crazy jewelry person, but occasionally pieces come along that I really, really, really like.

The little white acorn was a birthday gift (thank you Wife+Mum!), and I love the whimsy and the classic charm. Arc loves it too, because it reminds him of one of his current favorite books “That Pup.” Whenever I wear the necklace, he  climbs in my lap and starts reciting lines from the story. He gets more and more animated with every “And found an acorn!”

The photo pendant I fell in love with on sight and bought from my friend Jess’ Etsy shop. She takes some pretty amazing nature photography, and when she started putting the photos in pendants I knew I couldn’t resist to have a piece of her work any longer.

She now offers other sizes and pendant/ chain colors too, as well as bracelets and anklets, so if you’re looking for a unique jewelry piece I high recommend you check out her shop!


One thought on “Various and Sundry

  1. When our fourth child and second boy, whom you know, was a toddler, we bought 25 day-old chicks mail-order. Each child was to have two of them as their very own, whom they could name. Toddler boy got two Buff Orpingtons, breed chosen by his siblings. I remember in the catalog they were described as being “the color of a gold watch.” The sibs had to name the chicks, too;.oldest sister sensibly suggested that we name them both Susie, because then he (and we) wouldn’t have to try to tell them apart. I’ve told that story to so many people, you have probably heard it already. I think Buff Orpingtons are gorgeous fowl…can’t decide if my favorites are still Black Australorps, though.

    I’m envious, and so glad for your children!

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