“The Cheerio that Broke the Cereal Box”

And other tales.

Our update begins 3 weeks ago, wherein the Princess started doing this:


It was a week of good weather and growth all around. The very first plant bloomed on the property: a lovely little crocus. It was hiding underneath a low shrub, and I’m so glad we discovered it! The shrub joined a few others that we pulled (rather, the Dearliest pulled in a weekend of yard cleanup). I’m amazed how much easier certain jobs are with a mini-excavator, I’m just sayin’.


We had a lot of sick days this month. A nasty head cold worked through everyone over a couple weeks, and right on its heels came a weird fever/ chills bit that threw everyone off their feed. But, thankfully, it never manifested into what I consider a classic flu.


I really have no caption for this. Not sure I understood the game they had going, but pots were definitely important.


With the cold out of the house, Pokado found her sense of humor again and came to me one day declaring she was “the Cheerio that broke the cereal box.” (LK asks that you note his serious violin cameo in the background.)


Everyone’s renewed interest in food led to the reinstatement of a Friday night tradition: Pizza! By the time I got my camera out, the kids had already eaten the olive and cheese pizza (yes, the whole thing), but that’s okay because it left the Dearliest and I the entire loaded baked potato pizza all to ourselves! SO not complaining.


Once everyone started feeling better, it was time to start preparing for Arc’s 3rd birthday! There was much to do. Lots of dishes, lots of vacuuming, and lots and lots of laundry.


As it happened, Arc’s birthday fell upon Easter Sunday, so we held two festivities in one, celebrating both a birthday and the resurrection of our Lord!

The poor little guy didn’t get a nap, and consequently his smiles were very few and far between. I managed to catch one in motion, though! Despite his otherwise stoic demeanor, he was quite excited.


The Tiramisu, true to my word, had a train.


And a station, because even when you’re planning for 30 guests, it’s important to have leftovers. 😀

(Side note: I’ve had inquiries, and the imaging is done with a paper cut-out, sort of like an inverted stencil. I found a photo online, printed it, and cut out the places I wanted dark. I laid the paper down on the whipped cream and sprinkled the cocoa powder over it all, then I simply lifted up the papers–or papers, in the case of the station. Walla! Cool picture on Tiramisu.)

It was a big day, with a big, delicious pot luck dinner, and everyone stayed up way too late. By everyone I mean the kids. I think they went to bed around the same time I did? I don’t even remember.

This was us pretty much all day the next day, moving from sun spot to sun spot in between the bursts of rain.


And, three weeks after the first picture in this post, the Princess is walking along all the furniture, standing up by herself, and thinking very seriously about that first, unsupported step.



3 thoughts on ““The Cheerio that Broke the Cereal Box”

  1. What a great post, with so much to love. That tiramisu is certainly out-of-the-box in a different realm from the Cheerios box. It should win a contest for the best dessert for the birthdays of culinarily elevated children.

    Arc was very grownup, I think, if the result of having no nap on his birthday was merely a relative lack of smiles!

    And – a loaded potato pizza?!? I’ve never heard of such a thing, but I will not forget that idea!

    • I had not heard of a loaded potato pizza either until moving here! It must be popular with the locals, because two of the higher end pizza joints offer them. I was skeptical at first, but it’s surprisingly delicious!

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