Remember, kids.

The next time you complain about washing dishes by hand in the sink, consider this: It could be worse.


It is but the current adventure here (a new kitchen faucet arrives tomorrow!). There have been several others over the last few weeks, including the times I deliberately filled the house with smoke.


And the Battle of Wheelbarrow, in which several ships sank on account of the submarine.


Then there was the race to pick every dandelion ever.


Scrat’s adventure even carried over into our reality!

(They are in our kitchen, so future visitors can have fun hunting for them. Teehee!)

There have also been moments of discovery, like finding oneself on the dark side.


Or behind the couch.


Realizing that you have a natural talent for writing music.


Learning that you want to be a professional swing tester when you grow up. (She’s sure someone has to do it!)


Watching all the lovely spring flowers emerge.


IMG_2799_resize - Copy

IMG_2782_resize - CopyIMG_2800_resize

And finding the pun in life. (The Dearliest is responsible for this one.)


And lastly, looking out the window one day, seeing the Dearliest working with his youngest brother, and realizing they look nothing alike.


Just kidding.

More words coming soon.


2 thoughts on “Remember, kids.

  1. SO glad you take the time to write these posts. I love everything: the roses, the children, the attitude of gratefulness and the spirit of adventure. I want to visit! I guess it is partly blog-reading that makes me think of making a road trip, but then I go back to tending my own back yard and think better of that potential adventure 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

    • Your back yard has been an inspiration to me! And I know what you mean about blog-reading. It’s one side of a life, and so often I find myself longing to see the real-life side!

      You would, of course, be welcome to visit, although at present I haven’t even a couch to offer you for sleeping. Hopefully in another year the house will be remodeled a bit!

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