Enter the Heat Wave

According to noaa.gov, we’re supposed to hit 101 °F today. How about you?

For us, it’s definitely time to make sure we’re up on our water.


And resting during the hottest hours (a down comforter is acceptable when over the A/C vent).


Here are two roses that bloomed later than the others:

The orange one mellowed out to a pinker salmon color, while the red one was dubbed “the ketchup rose” by Pokado because, yup, it smells like ketchup.

I wish more of these had tags! At least I’m being faithful with pictures, and once I acquire a catalogue or two, I shouldn’t have too much trouble with identification. That’s the hope, anyway.

Sadly, at least 4 of the roses have gone to root stock, so they will be coming out. Happily, this means space for more! Well, eventually. 😀

In Fogling news, the Princess still isn’t walking, although she stands and bounces without support easily enough. She discovered playing peek-a-boo with herself in my curio cabinet mirror last week, and just the other day she decided potato salad is the greatest thing since sliced avocado.


The other Foglings carry on in usual fashion, which means I continually find them doing unusual things.


Not so unusual at first glance, perhaps, but then they informed me they were playing Cutthroat Kitchen…

…well alrighty then! I would hate to be stuck with the pillow, that’s all I’m saying.

Lastly, for those who have been following my occasional frustrations with my eyes, I’m pleased to report immense improvement. I’ve been getting more sleep, but that was only part of the issue. Turns out both the Dearliest and I have been deficient in zinc for quite a while! I had no idea zinc did so much in a body.

After a week of supplements, I can see (haha) vast improvement in my eyes, in my energy levels, and in my mental focus. There are a few other things that have cleared up too, and I can’t tell you how excited I am to be feeling better!


One thought on “Enter the Heat Wave

  1. I’m very interested in the power of zinc — I have a bottle on the lazy Susan with my other supplements but I don’t take it very often. Maybe it would help with some of my many ailments. So happy to hear about your eyes improving.

    I hope you can identify your roses. It makes them seem more like true friends or relations when you know their names. Our loveliest rose, that was here when we bought this house, we tried and tried to find the name of. It was something like a Peace, but not exactly. We loved it anyway. And now, within a couple of months, my last remaining rose bush will be removed. Various reasons for that, water needs not least among them. I’m glad there are lots of roses in the world that I can enjoy, without having to take care of them on my own property. Thank you for sharing yours!

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