Jumping back in.

It’s difficult for me sometimes to pick up where I left off, especially if I left off a while ago. Hence, I have wanted to write a blog post for nearly a week, but after several starts and deletes, I just gave up.

In such times, there’s only one thing to do: Let the pictures speak for themselves.


Unless, of course, they can’t.

Humor has been important to me these last few weeks, and the Foglings never fail to deliver in copius quantities.

One day, LK was too busy to deal with a bloody nose, so he improvised.


Another day, I hit my head on something while taking laundry down to the basement. There, hanging 5 feet in the air, I saw…


…Pokado had been there and left a calling card.

The now-toddling Princess offered up her own humor by following the dog around commanding “Sit! Sit!” in an attempt to attach a pair of suspenders to his collar as a leash.


And ever loyal Arc is ever ready to give me his signature smoulder.


Then there’s the Dearliest’s efforts to humor me:


I can’t tell you how much I love and hate this.

Until next time!





4 thoughts on “Jumping back in.

  1. Never let your blog or your writing tyrannize you… even fallow ground is being strengthened in its quiet season. Besides, it isn’t as if you are sitting on your lees; surrendering to the beautiful priorities of your life is a gift. Trust that the writer is alert within and taking good notes and when you can pick up the quill, do so without any self consciousness.

    Lovely photos!
    best wishes dear E.

    • This is really good advice for me right now. I do try not to let the writing own me, but at the same time I’ve been trying to find more balance between consistent writing (all the writing resources say do it every day if you’re serious about it) and realistic writing (because for me, I can’t realistically write every day). At the end of it all, my life is more important, and my #1 goal is to not get so busy writing about it that I forget to live it.

      Thank you for your encouragement!

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