Swimming in cucumbers.

IMG_2656_resizeAnd other garden tales.

It’s hard to believe how quickly the garden grew over the summer. It seems like just yesterday the Dearliest spent several weekends breaking ground and preparing the garden for all the plants we started in the greenhouse.IMG_2937_resize


A few months later we had an established thing going, followed shortly thereafter by the initial harvest of snap peas, which was so prolific I only managed one picture in between pickings. It was kind of overwhelming, and I gave away bags and bags.

During this time a family of quail moved in (one parent is barely visible in the photo). They had 14 chicks, and they took regular refuge in the plants. The kids learned a lot about quail, their sounds, and their habits.


Shortly after the Great Pea Fiasco, we entered the Age of the Cucumber, which we have been in for several weeks now. Once again, I gave away bags and bags.


The average daily cucumber haul.

Some days ago the tomatoes and jalapenos decided to join the cucumbers in their efforts to take over the garden, but so far their numbers are relatively minimal.

 (As an aside, the Age of the Cucumber also marked the Rise of the Chicken, and they remind us of it daily.)

 Soon the artichokes and sunflowers will raise their own formidible army, and no doubt a fantastic battle will commence with watermelons and potatoes as the ammo of choice.


Here’s to the first truly successful garden we’ve had in years!



2 thoughts on “Swimming in cucumbers.

  1. What a great success story – the pictures do tell the story very well, too! I know it takes a lot of time – just being organized enough to give away what you had to take a lot of time to pick…. it’s good you have growing bodies and willing hearts to do more and more of the work. Congratulations!

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