A Waterfall in the Rough.

We drove a couple of hours yesterday to Palouse Falls, a place somewhat remote but still of interest. The Dearliest has wanted to see it ever since he learned about a hydroelectric power project that almost happened there but didn’t. I’ve wanted to see it ever since I heard the story of Tyler Bradt, who deliberately went over it in a kayak to set a record (and survived to tell about it).

10 minutes away from our destination I looked around at the plateaus and giant rock tables and tried to quantify in my mind how a 186′ waterfall could possibly hide in this wide, barren landscape.

Then I saw the canyon.

Then I heard the falls.

When I finally caught the sight, my question answered itself.


The cliffs scared the Dearliest more than myself, mostly because it wasn’t until you got on top that you realized how much of the loose rock underneath you couldn’t see.


Needless to say, we were among the few visitors who stayed off the points and edges.

We did some hiking and discovered the lesser falls a bit upstream.

The photo could also be captioned “Find the Brave Swimmers!”

We kept walking and discovered the world’s shortest telephone pole. The Dearliest became rather enamored with it, and there’s only one thing to do in such cases.


At the end of the hike, we took brief refuge in a shady spot, and the Foglings actually paused long enough for a group shot.


And, on the way back we stopped to take photos of a neat looking train bridge.



We have plans to go back during late winter or early spring, because based on the photos I’ve seen, Palouse Falls will be even more spectacular!


7 thoughts on “A Waterfall in the Rough.

  1. Me no likely this place. I was quite sure I was going to witness someone falling to their death, which was hard on my nerves!

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