The year Labor Day became a joke.

wp-1473197348176.jpgI mean that literally, because 8 years ago Labor Day fell on September 1st, and that was the day LK came into the world.

I laugh about it now, but trust me, I wasn’t laughing then!

This year LK’s birthday happened during the week, so it made sense to postpone celebrations to the weekend. A birthday hike with the Dearliest followed by an ice cream sundae party made for a full Saturday, and even our night owl (Pokado) crashed early that night.wp-1473197265260.jpg

Sunday we took a drive to Steptoe Butte, but that’s a topic for another post. (keywords: dustdevils, dirt roads, and a 70+ mile view)

On to this year’s Labor Day, on which we made quite a bit of progress on several fronts.

We started the grape harvest, though we’re still on the early side yet. The vines are loaded, and the Dearliest plans to borrow his parents’ cider press to make easy work of the grapes because why crank juice by hand when you can press 6 gallons at once? Yeah, I didn’t need to do the math twice either.


We will use the hand-cranked strainer for other things we picked on Labor Day.

The house also saw a face lift over the weekend, and truly it lifts our spirits to see the change!

The last step is to paint the porch posts, touch up the trim, and paint the door. Some of us will miss the red door (LK and Arc in particular), but c’est la vie.

The final episode from our Labor Day started in the garden.


But an active hose, shovel, and river construction on the part of LK and Squeaky quickly moved the event to the driveway.


Pokado watched with amusement before offering up her gem of wisdom. “This good girl is staying out of it!”


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