Another Scenic Sunday

Steptoe Butte lies in the middle of nowhere (this, honestly, can be said for most if not all the beauties in our area). It stands 3,612′ high, 1,000′ higher than the other hills around it, and on the clearest days the visibility is said to range as far as 100 miles.


We couldn’t see that far on Sunday due to thunderstorms on most the horizon, but it still offered a pretty incredible view.



On the way home we decided to explore a road we’d never been on before. It looked like fun, and when the gravel turned to dirt it proved quite the adventure.


I’m proud to report that The Goldfish handled it like the pro minivan it is!

As an aside, I must admit that overall I think our area rather ugly. For a few months the land bursts with green, but it’s a swift and fleeting time most years and brown has never been a favorite color except where chocolate is concerned.

That said, it was here that I came to understand the line “amber waves of grain.” Brown, not so pretty. But amber waves of grain, as the wind ripples through the wheat before harvest? Yeah, that’s definitely beautiful and worthy of the song.

Next weekend: More elderberry hunting, this time heading southeast. The berries grow bigger there, if the clusters the Dearliest brought home the other night are any indication!


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