Two of Seven, reporting

I laughed at myself the other day because I realized that over the course of just a few hours, I used “comply,” “irrelevant,” and “objective” in talking to the kids.

I think Star Trek Voyager is going to my head.

Or maybe I’m just okay with adopting some of Seven of Nine’s mannerisms. She and I see eye to eye on a lot of things and have for many years.

Happy Friday, everyone!



(As a grammatical side note, I never know what to do with quote marks in a situation like this. Before the comma? After the comma? I’ve researched it several times over the years and have yet to come away with a definitive answer.)


5 thoughts on “Two of Seven, reporting

  1. I wrote about comma use in relation to quotations marks once upon a time. I will see if I have a link for you. If I share, you needn’t comply if you think it neither accurate or objective; it won’t make me feel irrelevant. At least seven out of nine times I need to look up current cultural references to have even a clue as to what they are about. This is one of those times…

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