A hunting we will go…

For elderberries, that is.

In the second chapter of elderberry picking, we trekked out towards Waha to a lovely little mountainside that backed up to Blue Lake. Lesser in size than its neighbor Waha Lake but still good for fishing, Blue Lake has some notoriety with the locals in that a body showed up in it after the person supposedly disappeared in Waha Lake.


The working theory is that there’s an underground tunnel connecting the two lakes, but nobody knows for sure and I’ve had no luck whatsoever tracking down any sort of official story. If any of my Idaho readers know the story or where to find more information, please share!

A-hem. Elderberries, sorry.

The Dearliest picked.

This one mostly watched from the fence because he was scared of honey bears.


The Dearliest picked some more.


This little one took out one shoe from the diaper bag right before we left, I suspect on purpose so I would have to carry her.


Therefore we watched the others and amused ourselves with taking pictures.

While the Dearliest picked even more.


Finally, it was time to call it a morning.


4 thoughts on “A hunting we will go…

  1. Well, that was delightful. Everyone participated in some way 🙂 The children are all adorable. It’s just a wholly adorable family!

    Are those blue, black or red elderberries? Do you know if some kinds are not good for making the syrup? Because a few years ago I identified these elderberries
    in the Sierras… they are blue. I can research them more but I thought you might already know.

    • The ones here more closely fit with American black elderberry, but I haven’t officially confirmed that.

      Blue and black varieties are fine, as long as the berries are cooked first to kill the offending glycosides in the seeds.

      Red elderberries have the highest toxicity, and there’s conflicting data on the internet whether or not it’s edible.

      This is a good basic comparison: http://normsfarms.com/are-elderberry-bushes-poisonous/

      If you would like a more detailed look at elderberry shrubs, I have a .pdf I can send you that is from the USDA PlantGuide. I tried to link to it, but it doesn’t seem to be on their main website.

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