The Advent of Fall Part 1: Pie

tmp_10027-img_20160928_144449-582144024We break from the canning frenzy to bring you the first pies of the season. Pumpkin, of course. The Dearliest makes sure to keep me in constant supply of the needed ingredients year-round, and my youngsters make sure to keep me on my toes when I’m cooking it. Judging by the finger swipes, I had an off-guard moment.

Pie making is easier this year. I now have 2 kiddos old enough to truly be helpful (Pokado cut out the butter for the crust and measured ingredients, and LK did all the tmp_10027-wp_20160928_11_42_56_pro-372141833mixing), plus Squeaky, who tries very hard and can do things like fetch spices and spoons and rags to clean up the mess that invariably hits the floor.

When I sent the kids outside to play, Pokado asked to stay and help more (“Because I like you, Mom.”), so I gave her the pie dough scraps to “practice” with. After a she tired of rolling it, she sculpted a volcano and a snake before settling on her favorite–a horse.

tmp_10027-wp_20160928_11_47_03_pro-1062025848The horse refused to stand up for her, but instead of moving on to something else, she declared the horse was simply lying down. Clever girl.

Everyone is looking forward to dessert tonight! And breakfast tomorrow. And tea time tomorrow. Because PIE!

Stay tuned for another Advent of Fall post. It’s about something that has been with me since before I met the Dearliest, was there for our courtship, our engagement, on through our honeymoon, and is with me still. Here’s a sneak peek:



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