An Unaverage School Day

tmp_6694-wp_20160929_18_11_53_pro449149053Last week we were coming off colds and in that state where physical energy is wild (but limited) and book concentration is a joke. Too well to stay in bed, but not well enough to study, we took a walk instead.

It became primarily a lesson in observation. One of them noticed a bird on the wire above us, so I asked them to I.D. it, which they did (dove). I then asked for more information, and they proceeded to mimick the various dove songs, tell me about its food, and then a cat wandered across our path.

So we talked about cats.

Pokado saw a pretty purple flower in a garden, and I intended to steer discussion to parts of a flower and root systems when the 3 year old shouted, “PLANE!”

Guess what we talked about next.

The walk went like that for 20 minutes, then when we got back I spent another 20 minutes looking up things like basic aerodynamics*, do female cows have horns, and is there gravel in asphalt.

To me one of the best things about homeschooling is when a kiddo asks me a question, and my answer is, “You know, I don’t know! Let’s find out together.” They see me excited to learn along with them, and that fuels their own excitement.

* I should mention that I now try to look up potential walk topics before we leave, because I KNOW why a plane flies, but I hadn’t thought about it in so long I couldn’t think how to explain it in kid-friendly terms.


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