Risky Ventures, Parties and Bumps, the Quiet in Between

We went for a walk the other day. It was a risky venture, with rain in the forecast and all that, but we didn’t much care. At least, we didn’t until we heard the first rolls of thunder.


“Uh, Mom?”

“Yeah,” I replied, turning the stroller around. “We’d better head back now. That’ll be here in 10 minutes.”

The first sprinkles fell just a few hundred feet from home, and fortunately for us it was a slower storm so the hammering wind didn’t hit until after we made it inside. By that point we didn’t care again, because we all had hot chocolate and popcorn and a warm heater.


Squeaky turned 5!


Drama-loving Pokado brought excitement to the party by splitting her head half an hour before people were scheduled to arrive. Fortunately it wasn’t super serious, the Dearliest was working nearby, and he was able to come home and patch her up with only minor delays to cake and ice cream.


Quiet time happens almost every day (Sunday is often an exception in favor of family excursions). It is more difficult here than it was on the mountain, since space is more minimal, but I have found a setup that works (most the time) and allows me an hour or so of (mostly) quiet while Arc and the Princess take their naps.

Quiet time generally looks like this (complete with laundry waiting to be dealt with):


The kids switch off which location they get, and the rules are simple. No talking, no noises, no getting up except for water or restrooms. They read/ look at books, color, or do other quiet activites that don’t involve toys. Legos/ Magformers are sometimes allowed.

The key, I have found, is to make sure it is ALONE time. Even my social butterfly benefits from an hour of not seeing her siblings, and my go-go never still LK seems calmer the rest of the afternoon if he has some time away from the others.

Does it always work? Nyet. In fact, as I’m writing this the kids have taken their quiet time creations and banded together to form a rescue squad of horses battling floods and burning buildings. Quiet time is nearing an end anyway, so I’m inclined to let it ride this time and not enforce the last 5 minutes.


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