Apples to Apples, A Reality Tale

Once upon a time, there was a hard-working man who


Showing 4 of 7 boxes.

loved his family. Always on the lookout for ways to provide for them, he scoured the land for opportunities and offers. One day he found one, and he brought it home.

All 400 pounds of it.

Determined to help his excited but slightly overwhelmed wife, he collected his beloved children and dove right in, because there is no time like the present.

Late that night, the first 4 gallons of canned juice sat on the counter, and many more gallons waited in buckets for processing. And the man who loved his family worried.
“I shouldn’t have juiced them all at once,” he said. “We might not get it canned before they start to ferment.”


Keeping it Real (A Kitchen in Canning)

The faithful wife, feeling slightly less overwhelmed under the sudden pressure (it seems backwards, but this is how she often responds to pressure), determined to rise early in the morning.

And so it was that she canned 16 gallons of juice in 6 hours thanks to three large pots, four helpful children, and an abundance of tea.

Except for the final cup of juice, which she drank while it was still hot, and the delicious, glorious flavor reminded her yet again of all the good things her loving husband did for their family. 

All the same, when he later suggested getting another 300 pounds of apples, she didn’t much hesitate to discourage the thought!



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