Post-Thanksgiving Thanks


Our simple but happy feast.

A few of the things I’ve been thankful for these past few days:

Health. We finally have it again, after nearly 4 weeks of colds and flus. (Timber took advantage of all the blankets everywhere as often as possible.)


Hunger. It means we want to eat again, and this is good. Bring on the leftovers! (I knew The Princess was feeling better the day she tried to make popcorn. For the concerned, the microwave was locked.)


Truth. I learned some recently, and it changed my perspective. Not in a major way, but definitely in a way.

Children. So grateful for the ones I have and get to hold.


LK, Pokado, and Squeaky enjoying a quiet moment.

Arc to the Dearliest: I like Mom’s pies. She makes good pumpkin pie.
The Dearliest: Yes, she does. I like to eat her pumpkin pies too.
Arc: Do you eat other girls’ pies?
The Dearliest: Why, yes, I do. Your Nana makes good pies, and Aunt K, and Aunt A, and Aunt H (he listed a few more). They all make very good pies.
Arc: We should visit them.


The Princess and Arc bringing in potatoes.

Blog posts may be a bit sporadic these next couple weeks. It’s “write the Christmas Newsletter” time! And I’m woefully behind.

A Weakness Revealed

‘Oooh,’ you might be thinking. ‘I wonder what she thinks her weaknesses are?’

I could easily touch on my character flaws, my mental sinkholes, or the blind spots I’m regularly reminded that I have. I am human, and not perfect, and sometimes I struggle with trusting God to work in me without offering my own input.

But I mean to focus on just one thing here. I am human.

Therefore, I must eat.


Earlier this week the Dearliest brought home a series of ingredients to recreate one of my favorite fast food things. It recreated easily, and on top of that tasted way better. I sat down and figured out the price per fish sandwich, and here’s what I found (amount in parenthesis is cost per sandwich):

Buns (pkg of 8) = $.87 (.11)
Fish Filets (pkg of 6) = $4.97 (.83)
American Cheese (12 slices) (YES, DON’T JUDGE ME) = $2.98 (.19)
Tarter Sauce (12 oz. jar) = $1.98 (.17)

Total = $10.80 ($1.30)

So, for at least a third of the cost as the popular food chain, I can have a tastier, slightly healthier version of one of my favorite things. (Edit: Upon research I have learned that said un-named food chain only uses a HALF slice of cheese on their fish sandwiches!)

I hope it goes without saying this is a splurge item for me and not something I would recommend eating all the time. I will not always keep the ingredients stocked in my fridge and freezer, but for a couple of days, this was really fun to have!


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

How I [Don’t] Do it All (Take Two–A Poem!)

I wrote up a long post about cleaning house with 5 kids.

It got longer. Then ridiculously epistolic.

Who needs to read that much on cleaning house with 5 kids? I am not the first to tackle the subject, and there are a lot of really good posts already out there.

Instead, I have written a POEM! Which I haven’t done since I was–like–22. And kind of angsty. But don’t worry, this poem is not angsty.

Cleaning House with 5 Kids

Cleaning house with kids is great.tmp_6813-retro-1321069_1280-545496044
Help with dishes, break a plate.
It’s okay, don’t you weep.
Here’s the broom, we both can sweep.

Learn to fold, straight line here.
Halves and thirds, that’s math my dear.
“A” for ammonia, “B” for bleach.
Those are for Mama, do not reach.

Vacuum in a line so straight.
Finally we are done with folding.
Where did you get that? What are you holding?

Water the shamrock, lily too.
God loves his flowers, and He loves you.
Clear the dishes after lunch.
Roll chairs in. What was that crunch?

Sweep again, wipe the table.
C’mon kids, I know you’re able.
Little ones nap, quiet for all.
Mama sips tea and rests, y’all.


I penned more, but it diverted from cleaning and turned the poem into an epic, so I spared you. ūüėÄ

Sky Events and the World of Tomorrow

I caught this photo on my phone the other evening. Sadly the rainbow in the cloud is not nearly as bright as it was even 5 minutes before I captured it, but it took me that long to remember my phone was in my back pocket.

The phenomenon was unknown to me. I’ve read about your classic rainbow,¬†sun/ moon halos, and of¬†course the spectacular Aurora Borealis, but a rainbow in a cloud? That was new.

It’s called¬†cloud iridescence, or irisation.

There are some amazing photos of it in other types of clouds here. Definitely worth a look!

In other sky news, there are 3 consecutive supermoons this year over the months of October, November, and December. I tossed out a tweet a little while ago about November’s in particular (it peaked this morning), because¬†it will be the largest supermoon since 1948. According to reports it won’t come so close to¬†Earth again until 2038!

Something new!

I’ve given the blog a facelift, and I want to update the tag line as well (currently “cooking, crochet, and a few things inbetween”). It feels outdated, mostly because I haven’t crocheted in over two years.

I tried a few different phrases, but I wasn’t particularly impressed with my creativity. Or lack thereof.

Then I thought, “I wonder how my readers would sum up my blog?”

I’m curious to hear your thoughts!tmp_11737-img_20161102_123104-692884566

Sunday Special: “You get elected?” “Nah, but I got nominated real good.”

(The Magnificent 7)tmp_6734-stars-932873_12802040096978

I almost decided to not say anything about the election, and not just because I typically avoid overtly religious or political topics on the blog. After weeks of muting, hiding, and ignoring posts and people, I thought it might be hypocritical for me to say something now.

But for days I’ve had a nagging something or other telling me to speak, and so I offer my quiet but confident words to my fellow Christians and anyone else who is inclined to listen:

The presidential election will come down to two names. However you look at it, whomever you vote for, in the end either Clinton or Trump will be standing in the White House (maybe sitting, in Hillary’s case). Continue reading