Sky Events and the World of Tomorrow

I caught this photo on my phone the other evening. Sadly the rainbow in the cloud is not nearly as bright as it was even 5 minutes before I captured it, but it took me that long to remember my phone was in my back pocket.

The phenomenon was unknown to me. I’ve read about your classic rainbow, sun/ moon halos, and of course the spectacular Aurora Borealis, but a rainbow in a cloud? That was new.

It’s called cloud iridescence, or irisation.

There are some amazing photos of it in other types of clouds here. Definitely worth a look!

In other sky news, there are 3 consecutive supermoons this year over the months of October, November, and December. I tossed out a tweet a little while ago about November’s in particular (it peaked this morning), because it will be the largest supermoon since 1948. According to reports it won’t come so close to Earth again until 2038!


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