How I [Don’t] Do it All (Take Two–A Poem!)

I wrote up a long post about cleaning house with 5 kids.

It got longer. Then ridiculously epistolic.

Who needs to read that much on cleaning house with 5 kids? I am not the first to tackle the subject, and there are a lot of really good posts already out there.

Instead, I have written a POEM! Which I haven’t done since I was–like–22. And kind of angsty. But don’t worry, this poem is not angsty.

Cleaning House with 5 Kids

Cleaning house with kids is great.tmp_6813-retro-1321069_1280-545496044
Help with dishes, break a plate.
It’s okay, don’t you weep.
Here’s the broom, we both can sweep.

Learn to fold, straight line here.
Halves and thirds, that’s math my dear.
“A” for ammonia, “B” for bleach.
Those are for Mama, do not reach.

Vacuum in a line so straight.
Finally we are done with folding.
Where did you get that? What are you holding?

Water the shamrock, lily too.
God loves his flowers, and He loves you.
Clear the dishes after lunch.
Roll chairs in. What was that crunch?

Sweep again, wipe the table.
C’mon kids, I know you’re able.
Little ones nap, quiet for all.
Mama sips tea and rests, y’all.


I penned more, but it diverted from cleaning and turned the poem into an epic, so I spared you. 😀


5 thoughts on “How I [Don’t] Do it All (Take Two–A Poem!)

  1. Yes, you did write a poem and angst made no appearance.
    Do you have that placard about cleaning the house while the children are growing is like shoveling the path while the sky is still snowing…

  2. That was fun! All these small training sessions really do pay off eventually. In my experience, even the ones who seem not to care at all about tidiness when they are children grow up fully competent to teach their own children when the time comes.

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