A Weakness Revealed

‘Oooh,’ you might be thinking. ‘I wonder what she thinks her weaknesses are?’

I could easily touch on my character flaws, my mental sinkholes, or the blind spots I’m regularly reminded that I have. I am human, and not perfect, and sometimes I struggle with trusting God to work in me without offering my own input.

But I mean to focus on just one thing here. I am human.

Therefore, I must eat.


Earlier this week the Dearliest brought home a series of ingredients to recreate one of my favorite fast food things. It recreated easily, and on top of that tasted way better. I sat down and figured out the price per fish sandwich, and here’s what I found (amount in parenthesis is cost per sandwich):

Buns (pkg of 8) = $.87 (.11)
Fish Filets (pkg of 6) = $4.97 (.83)
American Cheese (12 slices) (YES, DON’T JUDGE ME) = $2.98 (.19)
Tarter Sauce (12 oz. jar) = $1.98 (.17)

Total = $10.80 ($1.30)

So, for at least a third of the cost as the popular food chain, I can have a tastier, slightly healthier version of one of my favorite things. (Edit: Upon research I have learned that said un-named food chain only uses a HALF slice of cheese on their fish sandwiches!)

I hope it goes without saying this is a splurge item for me and not something I would recommend eating all the time. I will not always keep the ingredients stocked in my fridge and freezer, but for a couple of days, this was really fun to have!


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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