Post-Thanksgiving Thanks


Our simple but happy feast.

A few of the things I’ve been thankful for these past few days:

Health. We finally have it again, after nearly 4 weeks of colds and flus. (Timber took advantage of all the blankets everywhere as often as possible.)


Hunger. It means we want to eat again, and this is good. Bring on the leftovers! (I knew The Princess was feeling better the day she tried to make popcorn. For the concerned, the microwave was locked.)


Truth. I learned some recently, and it changed my perspective. Not in a major way, but definitely in a way.

Children. So grateful for the ones I have and get to hold.


LK, Pokado, and Squeaky enjoying a quiet moment.

Arc to the Dearliest: I like Mom’s pies. She makes good pumpkin pie.
The Dearliest: Yes, she does. I like to eat her pumpkin pies too.
Arc: Do you eat other girls’ pies?
The Dearliest: Why, yes, I do. Your Nana makes good pies, and Aunt K, and Aunt A, and Aunt H (he listed a few more). They all make very good pies.
Arc: We should visit them.


The Princess and Arc bringing in potatoes.

Blog posts may be a bit sporadic these next couple weeks. It’s “write the Christmas Newsletter” time! And I’m woefully behind.

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