The Cream Within a Cream

Sappy title, but I couldn’t resist.

Some while ago I wrote about how difficult it was to keep my hands happy, especially during the winter months. Cracking, flaking, dry skin is no fun, and for me it’s a constant battle keeping them healthy.

A dear friend sent me a package after that post with several creams and lotions to try. I tried them all, and a couple of them helped more than what I’d been using, but I still struggled.

A couple weeks ago The Dearliest made a breakthrough.

He’d been cutting and hanging drywall for days, and every night he came home with bleeding, broken hands. It was bad. At first he tried his usual treatments, but it just couldn’t keep up with the work.tmp_5171-img_20161229_135857-1471502748

Out of desperation he applied lanolin cream, and the result was astounding. Overnight his cuts and splits healed enough they weren’t painful anymore, and he said his hands stayed moisturized for another day and a half.

So I tried it on my hands, and the first thing I noticed was it didn’t sting at all. Overnight my red, dry, bleeding knuckles became almost normal, and even after washing dishes by hand I got about a day of protection with it.

I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before! We got more of it, and now it’s part of the daily routine. Thanks to lanolin cream, I’m able to play piano and violin without discomfort, and I even pulled out some yarn the other day (try crocheting with dry skin…it doesn’t work).

(As an aside, O’Keefe’s Working Hands my current “maintenance” hand cream. It lasts, isn’t sticky or oily, and is very effective even when I’m washing dishes or giving baths. It stings on damaged skin, though.)

Do you have experience with lanolin or another healing cream? I’d be curious to hear in the comments!


4 thoughts on “The Cream Within a Cream

  1. I have also used lanolin for decades, sometimes the straight stuff that is so dense and sticky. It does work! Also Desitin is very healing, though it is messy being white. But if you are desperate, you can at least sleep with it – or lanolin – maybe wearing cotton gloves for the first hour or two. I used to use either of those even on my toddlers’ noses when they would get raw during runny-nose colds.

    It also helps greatly to grease up your hands with those creams thoroughly before putting them into gardening or rubber gloves…. You DO wear gloves to wash dishes, I hope? 😉 And I learned a trick if you are doing an extended cooking project: wear thin latex gloves so that you don’t have to wash your hands so often.

    When you are giving baths you might put a long plastic bag on each hand/forearm, secured with a rubber band at the elbow (after slathering with cream) and then you could avoid that soaking, too.

    • I often put it on a night…I don’t mind the stickiness much when I’m sleeping! 😀 Just today I tried wearing thin nylon gloves for washing dishes. I tend to break more dishes when I wear the big rubber ones, so haven’t done that in years. It wasn’t a big deal while we had a dishwasher, but we don’t have that luxury right now. Definitely noticed a difference, so I think the gloves will be a huge help!

      Good idea using it on noses. I have one child in particular who always struggles more with irritation during colds.

  2. Yes! My baby is almost 4 months old now, and is sucking/chewing on his fists habitually. The results: his poor hands and cheeks are red and raw. I was trying to wrack my brain for lotions/creams/oils that would be safe for him to suck on, i.e., food grade. I tried coconut oil, but it didn’t help. Then my husband suggested the tube of Lanisoh. Duh! Nursing ointment of Lanolin! So I rubbed his hands and cheeks with it after he fell asleep one night, and by morning, he was almost all healed! Amazing.

    • So glad that worked! I’ve been putting it on my 18 mo old’s hands too. She’s teething and seems to prefer her fingers over all the teethers. Oh well. The lanolin seems able to keep up, for which I’m definitely grateful!

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