Recent Views and Things

I made a thing.


Crocheted Circle Vest. Took me 4 tries to get it right! Pattern is now worked out and WRITTEN DOWN (important part, that).

I got a thing.


Let there be MUSIC in the house again! Copeland seemed an appropriate initiation.

I renewed a thing.


And the first piece I’m attempting to reclaim: Bourree (Bach)

I made another thing.


Baked Alaskas. It was flaming awesome. (Post coming soon.)

I saw a thing.


Went for a drive. Snow doesn’t respect roadsigns.



Straight out the window. Windrows higher than our minivan by quite a bit. A D-9 Cat sat nearby, waiting for the next snowfall.


Headed up the mountain by our old house. Sun shone brightly above the fog in the valley (and in the previous 2 pictures).

I finished a thing.


In my break from most things internet, I made it to the end of my novel! Been a long 5 years.


One thought on “Recent Views and Things

  1. Quite a good thing…this post! So happy for your creative bursting and your stamina to live where there is real weather…and the baking…well it too seems to be quite a thing or two!

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