Catching Up

Life, yo.



Arc loves The 5 Little Monkeys book. He reads it aloud regularly.

The kids get a “Word of the Day.” By the end of the day they need to be able to tell me what it means, use it in their own sentence, and have it copied on paper x number of times (number varies by child). So far decadent has been one of the more popular words.


Pokado taught the Princess how to ride the tricycle, but then realized the little one can’t reach the pedals. They made it work.

Then there was the night the kids translated “go to bed” into “let’s get out Mom’s shoes and have a shoe party!”


Two weekends ago we drove to Palouse Falls again, because everything is in flood stage right now and just wow, right? We got there to discover everyone else in the world had the same idea. 20 minutes and no parking later, we had to turn around without seeing much and head right back out.


At which point we drove out past Colfax to look at the river, which had gone down enough to re-open the shore-side road.


It was a new area for me, and I got caught up in the neat looking rocks. (This area doesn’t have much, people. But it’s got rocks.)

It wasn’t Palouse Falls, but it was still incredible and pretty. We’ll try the falls again soon.



Arc turned 4 today! We celebrated yesterday with tiramisu (his favorite). With dinosaurs. Because everything is better with dinosaurs to a little boy.

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