A Dinosaur Tiramisu

I’m partial to a dusting of cocoa powder on top of my otherwise chocolate-less Tiramisu, but it makes it hard to decorate with party themes. A few years ago I came up with a solution:

Paper stencils!

1) Make your Tiramisu. This year Arc asked if I could make orange dinosaurs. I figured whipped cream is white, it’s as good a food coloring canvas as any, right?

tmp_17947-WP_20170325_20_03_00_Pro232686369 tmp_17947-WP_20170326_14_47_50_Pro-1669644307

2) Find line art online of whatever it is you want to put on your Tiramisu. Or draw your own, if you like. I managed numbers my first go at this whole method. Details are not your friend, so keep it simple (I tried to keep the dinosaurs’ teeth. It didn’t work.). Also, measure. My triceratops ended up being 1/8″ too long to fit!


3) Cut out your art. If you want to try some 3-D effects on your 2-D surface (like I attempted on last year’s train), be aware that it doubles or triples the time investment between cutting and arranging.


4) Arrange your cut stencils on the whipped cream. Don’t press down any more than you have to.

5) Dust with cocoa powder.

6) Remove stencils carefully with a toothpick or knife. Use a toothpick to smooth out any areas that need it. (On hindsight, making the T-rex stencil into two parts would have made getting it up easier.)


This post is brought to you by Arc, who wanted Tiramisu two birthdays in a row. Strawberry roses just don’t cut it for him. 😛



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