Life, Recently

We’ve been getting outside. A lot. Which is awesome because days were becoming a lot like:


It feels wonderful, even in the rain and occasional hail (though we don’t do that too terribly often).


Spring flowers are at the edge of being out, and if I get impatient to see more all I have to do is drive down towards the river, where spring is in much fuller swing.


The first daffodil.

Pokado loved the first mow. LK may like making dinosaur nests, but Pokado prefers to make grass castles. I wish I’d thought of that when I was younger.


The Dearliest had an answer to prayer, which led to him coming home one day with this beast.


Pokado’s comment: “It’s all…rusty. And old looking.” Clearly not impressed. But then came along Arc, who couldn’t quit exclaiming about the fact it was a chipper with a hitch and it was loud and ate trees.

The Dearliest also built his first bench for a customer. LK loved helping him with it.


LK also really enjoys “Peter and the Wolf.” I have a CD of it, but sometimes I let him watch the video. (No, not Disney.)



Life carries on, otherwise. We’re doing school, but it’s getting harder to stay focused as the weather warms up more. School gets taken outside sometimes, and sometimes science becomes “here’s a jar, go find me 6 bugs (but no centipedes), and write down 3 things about each bug” LK took this very seriously and brought me worms, a few beetles, slugs, and grubs. And a wasp. I made him take that one back outside.

Pokado is thrilled to have flowers about the yard again. She gives me daily reports, so I knew exactly when the dandelions came up (“You can pick all those you want, Pokado.”), the daffodils, the yellow tulips, the pink and red tulips, the vinca, and oh what an excited chorus sounded the day the bleeding hearts opened up!

I discovered that Squeaky not only loves doing the dishes, she’s actually really good at it. I admit I was surprised. She caught spots on dishes that I missed, and then she explained her method, and I realized she really knows what she’s doing. So I have a washer helper most days now that I don’t have to worry about, and her cheerful attitude really brightens up the kitchen.

Arc is still all boy and all sound effects, but now he’s also all about food. He’s always been so a bit, but recently he’s upped his interest such that we put an alarm on the fridge because I was getting tired of getting up in the morning to find food missing. He’s not starving, honest.

The Princess is turning into a climber. Aside from Squeaky, who did a little bit of it as a toddler, we haven’t really had climbers beyond the usual “I want out of my crib” sort. The Princess…she discovered pulling out drawers to use as stairs. She climbs to the top of the piano (in the space of time it takes me to cross the room to get to her). We went to a party a few days ago, and instead of running around on the grass with the others, she spent 20 minutes climbing up and down the short retaining wall. She will surely keep me on my toes.




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