Inspired by a Friend’s Facebook Post

Concerts I’ve been to:

1. San Francisco Symphony, numerous times (including featuring Lang Lang)

2. Ricky Skaggs & Kentucky Thunder/ Del McCoury

This is still my favorite Skaggs.

3. Alison Krauss & Union Station

4. Natalie McMaster

5. Eilene Ivers (original Riverdance violinist)

What do an Alaskan cruise, a Romanian pianist, and this piece have in common? Some day I’ll have to tell you.

6. Dick Dale & His Del-Tones (father of surf guitar, dude, although by the time I saw him he was the grandfather of surf guitar)

7. Joe Satriani (it was the Marshall amp)

8. Victor Borge (yes, he totally counts)

And, because it’s Borge, I have to share my favorite routine.

9. Air Force Band

10. Air Force Jazz Ensemble

11. Many teacher and/ or student concerts between SRCS, SRJC, and SSU

I’m probably forgetting some.

Concerts I’ve been IN (not counting yearly student concerts with my piano/ violin teachers or the countless church concerts).

1. A few (I can’t remember!) seasons with the Discovery orchestra (younger youth orchestra), violin

2. 3 piano concerts with the SRJC, solo + duets

3. 2 seasons with the Cotati Philharmonic (now Sonoma County Philharmonic), piano + percussion

My first concert with them we played in San Fransisco in a great cathedral for the Spanish ambassador! I need to tell that story some day too.


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