July so far.

There was a birthday wherein the Princess turned 2.

There was a project wherein the Dearliest fabricated a bucket for his brother’s Dingo.


Then there was Independence Day, wherein we discovered Lounge Pokado.


And the Princess caught a chicken.


Those chickens…so lazy sometimes…


There was a weekend fishing trip, wherein the Deariest caught a 55″ sturgeon. There are pics floating around on Facebook but I don’t have any personally (yet).

Baby flutterings begin, and I smile secretly at what I feel that no one else can (yet).

My novel has started speaking to me again, from its dusty pile beside my nightstand. It’s been 4 months. Not sure where to start with it now.

The rest of the month is shaping up to be hot! We’ve broken 100 degrees a couple of times, with more predicted in the near future. Hopefully it’ll only last the average 2 weeks and taper off again. I still have vivid memories of 2 years ago, when we saw triple digits for 2 months. Would rather not repeat that!

There is hope for my town yet!

tmp_27080-20170705_134516151665706There isn’t a whole lot to do around here, and in the several years we’ve been here I just couldn’t get excited about the yearly little rodeo, the little supercross, or the little county fair (a 3 minute walk from one end to the other, and you can see everything in 20 minutes).


I know this plane, I just can’t remember right now.

But this 4th of July, the privately owned hangar/ airstrip in town hosted a little 3-day WWII airplane show, and for the first time I got excited about a town event! I hesitate to call it an airshow. Fleet Week is an airshow. But there were a couple birds in the air for a couple of flybys, and who can argue with the sound of a P-51?


Inside the B-24.


That said, there were some nice machines there, including the oldest flying Boeing, a B-24, a B-17, and a TF-51 (trainer version of the P-51, and you could purchase an hour of in-flight training for $2,200!). The bombers were open for walk-through tours (when they weren’t out giving rides), and the kids all enjoyed seeing the planes up close.


Inside the B-17.

After nearly an hour of correcting LK’s questions about planes “blasting off,” I told him he might offend the pilots if he kept talking about the planes like they were shuttles or rockets.

“It’s ‘take off,’ LK, not ‘blast off,'” I said.
“But shuttles are what I know!” he said.
“Pokado and I know horses!” Squeaky volunteered.
LK didn’t miss a beat. “So you and Pokado can say ‘Wow, that plane just rode off!'”

I laughed.





In front of the B-24


Pre-flight check. Neat plane.


The oldest flying Boeing. Pacific Air Transport, Inc.

“It’s 4:30 and I don’t know what I’m making for dinner.” (A story from last week.)

I desperately needed to go shopping, and a lot of our staples weren’t available, so I took to the pantry to see what I could come up with. Pantry raids are invaluable, truly. Sometimes it’s like a treasure hunt.

“Oh! Here’s a can of olives waaay in the back. You look lonely, come here.”

“Where did these cans of chunk chicken come from?”

Long story short, here’s a throw-it-together dinner that actually worked and everyone liked it. Considering I was craving pizza at the time, I went with Italian seasonings.


2 cans chunk chicken
small bunch of kale, chopped
2 cans stewed tomatoes, blended

1 teaspoon dried basil
1/2 teaspoon dried oregano
1 teaspoon garlic powder

1 can olives, sliced

1) Brown the chicken in a little oil over medium heat.

2) Add the chopped kale and continue cooking until kale is wilted.

3) Add the blended tomatoes and spices, bring to boil then reduce to simmer for at least 15 minutes.

Serve over pasta, rice, or maybe even thick slices of toasted garlic bread? Top with sliced olives.

I had rice, so I went with that. I would have loved to add chopped onions and some other veggies (not to mention cheese), but yanno, work with what you have.