July so far.

There was a birthday wherein the Princess turned 2.

There was a project wherein the Dearliest fabricated a bucket for his brother’s Dingo.


Then there was Independence Day, wherein we discovered Lounge Pokado.


And the Princess caught a chicken.


Those chickens…so lazy sometimes…


There was a weekend fishing trip, wherein the Deariest caught a 55″ sturgeon. There are pics floating around on Facebook but I don’t have any personally (yet).

Baby flutterings begin, and I smile secretly at what I feel that no one else can (yet).

My novel has started speaking to me again, from its dusty pile beside my nightstand. It’s been 4 months. Not sure where to start with it now.

The rest of the month is shaping up to be hot! We’ve broken 100 degrees a couple of times, with more predicted in the near future. Hopefully it’ll only last the average 2 weeks and taper off again. I still have vivid memories of 2 years ago, when we saw triple digits for 2 months. Would rather not repeat that!


2 thoughts on “July so far.

  1. You are queen of a very dear kingdom. Happy Summer. I sure hope it does to triple digit out on you. Triple digit makes no sense to me…I just don’t need that much heat.

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