Picture Dump

If you follow my Instagram (which I have dubbed “Food, Flowers, and Song”), some of these will be familiar.

The kids are up to their usual shenanigans, including costume parties, hacking Mama’s tablet, and stuff.


L-R: Blueberry Fairy Princess, Cowgirl, Popeye, and a Duck. They made their costumes by themselves (I helped a little with the yarn needs.)


They figured out how to take black and white photos. There were so many of them waiting for me…


Nothing says “summer” like your sister’s hat!


The most recent bouquet arrangement from Pokado. She’s a natural.

The weather is hot hot hot (100+ F for the next ten days, yuck), but even still it occasionally produces something worth going outside to see, like the biggest dust devil I’ve ever seen.



You see that brown field waaaay off to the left? That’s where it was. It’s not so clear here, but it goes all the way to the top of the photo. If I’d taken it just 3 seconds earlier, it would’ve been a lot fuller looking.

I am officially cooking again (thank you, 2nd trimester), and it’s so much more fun when one actually enjoys eating! The heat has turned my interest to cold things, grilling things, and anything not involving peanut butter sandwiches or scrambled eggs. (There is nothing wrong with peanut butter sandwiches or scrambled eggs. We’ve just had a lot of them recently. :-P)


Crepes with cream cheese filling + nectarines.


Masoor Dal and Baked Naan. Won’t bake naan again. It’s just not the same!


Okay, I didn’t bake this, but I was about to since it looked like the Dearliest couldn’t find any around town.


Last night’s dinner: I grilled for the first time in 7 years! There were no leftovers.



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