And October Comes and Goes

I spent October on a sort of mental retreat. I started baking more, sewed up a few baby blankets, crocheted my way through some yarn, and enjoyed the last of the roses. Frost and snow came early this year.



Squeaky had a birthday, but most of us were sick so it was a quieter, smaller affair. The only extra attendant was my first ever carrot cake (it was good).


Homeschooling has been more laid back, which we all needed. During October we went through a chapter on insects in the science book, just in time for the end of caterpillar and grasshopper season. Arc grew fond of katydids in particular (they are all “Squirmy” to him), and for a while several jars sat on the kitchen counter with the bug zoo he and the others built. Now we’re just down to one jar, which houses the pupae of what we think is a butterfly. tmp_7336-IMG_20171107_095711849795916Hopefully it won’t be much longer before we find out.

Arc Anecdote: The Dearliest recently picked up a walk-behind snow blower, which has a very clear warning label on it. “Does this mean that if a black man sticks his hand down the chute, it’ll cut off his hand?” Arc said. The Dearliest assured him the machine didn’t discriminate, it would cut off anybody’s hand. Arc has very carefully informed people of this any time someone gets near the snow blower.

tmp_7336-WP_20171101_10_29_16_Pro630359753LK has been working with the Dearliest to spruce up the little greenhouse. We didn’t use it at all this last year, but LK is motivated to get the LK Corral Nursery going again. Come April we should have a plethora of plants for sale!

My days are slowing down, I’m slowing down. I can’t see my feet anymore, and Baby feet regularly find their way into my ribs. Physically, this has been an easier pregnancy. tmp_7336-IMG_20171107_0942501075269642Emotionally it’s been one of the hardest, but God gave me some extra grace in the last couple months, and I feel I’ve finally recovered from last years’ miscarriages. It’s not something I’ll ever fully get over, I don’t think, but I can face the future without fear now, without the worry and overwhelming sadness I felt for so long.

God is good.