Call Out: Review a book for a free copy.


Last year I was given the opportunity to contribute an essay to a book project headed by Janet McHenry (she’s a Christian speaker and best-selling author).

The book “50 Life Lessons for Grads” will be released Spring of 2018 and the publishing company (Worthy Publishing) is looking for young people in their 20s and 30s to review the book in advance. You do not have to be a college graduate.

In exchange for a 1-2 line review (which could end up in the book or be used for other marketing purposes), reviewers receive a free hard copy.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in doing, please email me or send me a message by tomorrow (Tuesday) with the following:

1) Full name.

2) Email address (to receive a .pdf version of the book for review).

3) Snail mail address (to receive the free hard copy later).

I can imagine you are all super busy with Christmas coming up, so thank you for reading and for considering the offer!

An Oregon Thanksgiving

tmp_12403-WP_20171124_10_38_33_Pro439974511The day began much like other days. Arc and the Princess woke up first and began playing quietly in the living room. At some point one of them noticed the row of outfits–one for each child–sitting neatly on the bench, and then the curiosity grew. They woke up Squeaky, who puzzled over the row of shoes by the clothes, then she noticed the collection of travel food on the table.

Pondering but not sure what to think, she woke up LK. After some group discussion (and the discovery of the packed bathroom bag), they decided to wake up Pokado.

She scanned the rooms, took in the discoveries, and made the declaration.

“We’re going to Oregon. I heard Mom talking to Aunt S the other day.”

Thus began our trip, with excited squeals and a keen sense of adventure.

It was delightful. A much needed vacation. We visited The Dearliest’s brother and his family, hung out with them in their new house, introduced the Princess to the coast (and brought home a decent shell and agate collection), hiked Silver Falls, and of course, gave thanks together in a feast of deliciousness.

Arc and LK were given rides in their uncle’s dump truck, and the girls got to craft their hearts out with their cousins.


We all returned feeling refreshed and renewed. It’s a wonderful feeling.