An Unexpected Weekend

We’ve known for 9 months that we’d need to upgrade our family vehicle, but until this weekend nothing came across our path that a) met our needs and b) was in our price range.

Things worked out, God provided for us, and I’m now the proud (but somewhat intimidated) owner of a large homeschooling family status symbol. AKA, a 12 passenger van.


Now I need driving lessons. I mean practice.

Baby Update: Indy is doing well. He’s growing a lot, eating a lot, sleeping a lot. Usual newborn behaviour. I’m growing slimmer (gradually), also eating a lot, and not sleeping as much as I’d like. I can’t really complain, though, because I do get about 6 hours at night (interrupted by feedings, but Indy is an efficient eater so it’s not too bad). This is more than some of the other babies gave me.


Pokado reads to Indy


Squeaky and Indy