Snow Holiday

Sunday afternoon we attempted to go sledding. A snow storm with 40 mph gusts changed our minds, and we returned home disappointed.

Monday we tried again, and what a different sort of day it was!


It felt good to sleep in, forget school, forget chores, and take on an adventure with the family. After grabbing hot mochas and finding snow chains for the Yeti, we headed up to Moscow Mountain. Continue reading

I’m 2 months old!

tmp_23705-IMG_20180221_1319242101814266.jpgI already love engines and other machine sounds. Mom takes advantage of this and regularly puts me to sleep via the vacuum cleaner or stove fan. It’s not fair, but she feeds me milk so I forgive her.

I can lift my head and look around, scoot a little if I’m determined, and I recently learned the Tongue Game, so if you stick your tongue out at me, I’ll probably do it back with a smile.

As long as you don’t touch my feet, we can be friends. If you play with my feet, I will yell at you.

I like Joseph Hadyn. This surprised Mom, but she tested it several times and I think I finally convinced her.

That’s all I have to say for now!

Musical Pick-Me-Up

We have been listening lately to¬†an album of English country dances. My mom found it and gave it to me because one of the tracks is the famed Darcy/ Lizzie dance from the A&E “Pride and Prejudice” (Mr. Beveridge’s Magot). It’s not the only reason to listen to it, though.

My favorite track (Bloomsberry Market) brings joy to my heart. There have been a few tougher days recently, but whenever this piece came on I was able to take a breath and remember that rough moments aren’t forever.


The kids have their favorite too (Jameko), and it’s pretty unanimous. When it comes on, they all drop what they’re doing and start dancing.


My Life As A Kitchen

tmp_5523-20180209_1417491470964618Half way through the day, I realized my kitchen was half clean. This is actually a lot better than it has been lately, and it hit me that this is pretty much how my life is. One area all spick and span, neatly ordered and decluttered. The rest of it is waiting. Or getting worked on in small bursts here and there. What was messy today will be clean tomorrow, what was clean today…well, you know.

I’m not complaining.

I used to look through those home decor magazines, the ones with immaculate, picture perfect rooms that leave you dreaming of “someday, I want that.” The problem with the “pp” rooms is they lack one element that makes a room truly perfect–people living in it. Add that, and the whole picture changes.

Does this mean I give up on cleaning and tidying and reminding little people yet again to take their boots off? Not at all. Cleaning is important. God commanded man to subdue the earth and have dominion over it (Gen. 1:26-28), and I’m pretty sure that includes the dirt inside a home as much as outside.

I’m reminded of my in-laws house. Before they bought it and completely turned it around, it was pretty atrocious. The garbage they hauled away was upwards of 16 dumpster loads, and the 14′ high blackberry canes swallowed up the house and yard. I’d driven by the lot for months and not even known there was a house there. Add onto that the evidence of numerous cats inside, and it was obvious someone had given up on cleaning, and for a long time too.

It doesn’t take much time for unattended mess and dirt and weeds to take over. Not surprisingly, this applies to the mind and heart as well, but since I don’t generally head that direction in my blog, I’ll just suggest that when believers stop taking thoughts captive to Christ, the opposite of Philippians 4:8 happens. It’s not pretty.

My kitchen might not be immaculate, but it’s a work in continual progress. Like me. Constantly striving for better, wiping down the smudges left by my burst of impatience, scrubbing at the stains caused by my unkind words, and thanking God again and again when He reminds me that His Son has already bleached it all clean.

Writing to Distraction

I had turned daily life into a distraction from what I wanted, but the reality was I let what I wanted become a distraction from my life

A few weeks ago a writing blog I follow posted on a subject that resonated with me.

“What sort of distractions in your life stall or prevent your writing?” was the jist of it, and after reading answers in the comments ranging from “getting caught up in research” to “social media,” I found myself thinking along a very different line. 

There was a time where I felt so many things were distractions. I sat down to write, and someone needed their hands washed or a diaper changed. A fight needed breaking up. Dishes needed to be dealt with, and floors needed to be mopped. The dog needed to go out, and dinner wasn’t going to make itself.

Everybody and everything needed something from me, and for a few weeks I bore a growing resentment of all these distractions from my desire to write. I had a story to tell, and nobody was letting me!

Then came the day I realized something–I had it backwards. I had turned daily life into a distraction from what I wanted, but the reality was I let what I wanted become a distraction from my life.

After that, I worked hard to change my attitude, and I endeavored to make sure I didn’t let the writing distract me from what I considered far more important–my family.

It meant I wrote less. You know what? I still write less. And likely it’ll remain that way for a long while. Someone still needs their hands washed or diaper changed. There are still fights to break up, dishes to wash, and floors to clean. The dog still needs to go out. Again.

But I’m there to see to it, to take care of it, to roll up my sleeves, and to show my children what it means to be present, to be there, in their lives. For that, I know I’ll be rewarded later on, and in many more ways than I can possibly imagine.

So yes, I will continue writing, and I will continue to dream of publication, but for now it’s playing second fiddle, and that’s okay. These faces will keep me happily busy, and oh, the experiences they will give me!

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