You don’t say.

LK came up to me yesterday, and he was chewing on something. He’s a little old for sticking random things in his mouth, but at the same time lunch had been over for a little while so I became quite suspicious.

“Whatcha got in your mouth?” I inquired.

To which he sidled up to me–looking devilishly mischievous–and said mysteriously, “That’s not something you need to worry about.”

I think my eyebrows hit the ceiling, and he immediately took on an “oh, shoot” sort of look.

“That,” I said rather pointedly (while trying not to laugh…it’s a lot harder than it should be), “is not something you’re allowed to say to your mama.”

He giggled a little before assuring me it was a little salad leftover from lunch.

Well. Alrighty then!

Somebody had a 1st birthday! (Also, cake.)


And we threw him a party complete with the two essentials.



And tissue paper!


He was a tired little man, but he surely enjoyed working the crowd. It’s been a long time since we had all of the local family up on the mountain. 24 people including us! It gets larger every year. 😀 **

For this reason I made two cakes. I see no point in stretching one cake to 24 people. Even less of a point in having no leftovers. What’s a birthday cake without leftovers??

I kept it super simple this time.


I’m not even going to share pics of the other one because the frosting was misbehaving and I gave up decorating halfway through. (Note to self: try a different recipe next time.)




**The most recent addition–whom I cannot resist internet-naming Darcy–cuddling with Pokado. She held him for nearly half an hour and didn’t really want to give him up.:


Blink and before you know it…

…they’re losing their first tooth and running snow blowers (with the Dearliest’s supervision, of course).

IMG_9925_resize IMG_9928_resizeIMG_9938_resize

We have a short break in between snow storms today, although I can see the next one off on the horizon so the break may soon be over. We all got outside for a good long while this morning, and it was wonderful!

IMG_9935_resize IMG_9936_resize

After a long walk I let the kids take to the deck, where they did what every snow-covered deck needs:

IMG_9944_resize IMG_9948_resize

Where was Arc, you may ask?


He was chillin’.

Temperatures are supposed to stay below freezing for the next week, even getting down to the single digits again. And snow. More snow. Hopefully it won’t be too long before we can head outside again!

On a related note, I have been eyeing this idea floating around Pinterest for snow ice cream. Sounds like it could be fun!

Give me a lever long enough…

…and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.


TR will now be known in the blog as Archimedes, or Arc for short. He’s earned a new nickname. I sadly ran out of memory on my camera before I could capture the truly impressive shot of him lifting his feet up under the ball. He does it on command now, so I may yet get the picture!

It’s hard to believe that in a mere week and a half he’s gone from learning to do this:


To this:


I think the crazy kid is going to skip crawling altogether, like Little K. He has no trouble getting up on all fours, but he seems to prefer scooting places when it comes down to it. Hey, I guess if you get to where you’re going, that’s what matters! 😀

“Look, Mommy!”

Said the Squeaky gleefully, holding up a small Lego creation.

“Ooh! Nice!” I replied appropriately, then (maybe not so appropriately) continued, “That looks like a deringer.”


“It’s a little firepower.”


Her 2-year old self sounded way too excited, and I internally thought, Great one, Mom. Not a good thing here. But of course I couldn’t stop there because my not-quite-awake-yet state beheld the creation that LK brought to me and my first thought (which I apparently said out loud) was, “That looks like a taser.”

When a 5 year old blinks at you and then laughs a little evilly, you get kind of worried. How did he know what a taser was?

Answer: I’m not sure I want to know.

Good morning everyone!

Row, row, row your variations

Thanks to LK, I will never hear the children’s song the same way again. Row Row Row Your Boat has been his latest obsession, but after 3 consecutive nights of him singing himself to sleep with it, apparently it got a little old because lately I’ve been hearing all manner of new and unique versions.

For example:
“Row row row your duck…etc…life is but a quack!” (repeat idea with several animals)

And then we moved to family members:
“Row row row your TR…etc…life is but a powerscoot!”
“Row row row your Squeaky…etc…life is but a whine!”
“Row row row your Pokado…etc…life is but a spit!”

“Wait,” I interjected, “What? Pokado doesn’t spit!”
“She got sick on the boat.” And then he just looked at me knowingly.

TR is good for Squeaky.

Squeaky, my dear Squeaky. All of my children have stubborn streaks and stronger wills, but Squeaky is the one who seems to have both in spades. She challenges everything, doesn’t seem scared of anything, and heaven help us all if she enters the realm past reason (this is, of course, known in some circles as The Tantrum).

Tantrums are semi-frequent with her, and how I approach (or ignore) them depends on what set her off to begin with. Since TR arrived, however, sometimes I don’t have to do anything at all. I’ve lost count of the number of times Squeaky dipped a toe into a river of fuss only to have TR shriek back at her. He matches her pitch and tone and whine yet somehow manages to add into it a degree of snark and “this is how ridiculous you look girl.” She hates being mocked (who doesn’t?) and more often than not she drops the fit right there.

It doesn’t always work; sometimes he only makes things worse by making her mad, and sometimes I ruin everything by laughing at his attempts when I should be the model of a Calm but Firm Parent. On the whole, though, his ability to keep her in line is right up there with the Dearliest’s, and that’s saying something for an almost 7 month old!