Thoughts at 3:00 am

(This post brought to you by several nights of minimal sleep.)

It was day 4 of a nasty cold in the house. All 6 kiddos had it, and I was fighting it but not nearly as much as they were fighting each other. Sleep had been a foreign concept for two nights and fuses were lit and low all around. I finally called a time out for everyone, and everyone was sent to their own corner “until further notice.” (This, for all the non-mothers out there, is my code for “until Mommy feels like she can handle life without yelling again.”)

It sort of worked and I started a 10 minute pickup in the dining room, hoping that having even a small corner of clean space would help everyone feel a little more cheerful.

I wish I felt just a little bit worse, then I could take a time out too.

I stood up. I laughed at myself. Since when did I have to wait for a cold to worsen to take a break?

I cancelled my non-essential chores for the day. I sat on the couch with a stack of books and read to the kids until my scratchy throat couldn’t take it anymore. Then we played games, and I drank more tea and coffee than I probably should have.

I put a verse on the white board: “A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stirs up anger.” Proverbs 15:1

And we got through the day. And the night. And the next day. And the next night.

God gives grace, and I’d been dealt it bountifully. I was grateful, even as I half-slept upright in bed, the congested baby on my chest to help him rest.

Then the worst was over, and I saw around me children who were a little kinder, a little more cheerful. (Also children who now sling “Those are grievous words!” at each other like cannon balls. Even the 3-year-old. It’s kind of hilarious.)

Life continues, we’re picking up all the tissues and carrying on.

God is good.


Christmas Highlights

It was a month of the flu, which might not set the most delightful of tones, but it’ll put our Christmas into perspective. No one person was sick for that long, but when you take an illness that runs an average of 10 days and divide that into roughly 3 waves over 8 people, you get the picture.

I prefer not to dwell on that picture.

Instead, here are some moments of Christmas cheer I managed to capture. Continue reading

Reads and Words

Recent reads:

A Poppy In Remembrance (Michelle Ule)

Loved this, and I’m not just saying it because she’s a friend of mine. I’ve read a number of her novellas, but this book had a completely different feel to me and so far it’s my favorite work of fiction from her. It’s so much more than a budding romance story, and I enjoyed her development of the settings. War is not pretty, and she communicated that wonderfully without getting into cringe-worthy nitty gritties. I was pleasantly surprised and had a hard time putting the book down. I read it right after reading Michelle’s biography on Biddy Chambers (Oswald Chambers’ wife, a fascinating read), which added a level of deepness to this novel since the Chambers are fairly prominent secondary characters.

Finn the Wolfhound (A.J. Dawson) — a free download from Amazon

I enjoyed the writing style a lot. The first few chapters are lighthearted and wonderful, then it gradually becomes sadder and darker here and there as the dog goes through life, somewhat Black Beauty-esque (but better, in my opinion, as I did not particularly care for Black Beauty). The adventure kept me involved. An Irish wolfhound moves from person to person, experience to experience, starting in an English countryside and ending in the Australian bush. There are some detailed fights with humans and other animals, some parts I almost skipped because I knew they were going to be sad. But I read on, and the ending was rewarding.

Recent words:

My keyboard has been preoccupied working on the Christmas newsletter. Timber (the dog) almost wrote it this year, but when I saw the draft he submitted I just couldn’t do it. I told him I’d put his version on the blog later, though, so there’s that.

(Which begs the question: Somewhat corny newsletters “written” by pets, yes or no?)


Image Source: Pixabay