And then there were almost none.

My irises got a massive thinning. Three years of ignoring them will make that kind of a necessity. A four-day long, painstaking necessity.

This last week has been a learning curve. I advertised that I was giving away irises and selling some for a nominal fee. Within 4 days I had all the extra irises gone or claimed.

tmp_26444-WP_20180520_13_49_54_Pro-1874609097I had something like 700 rhizomes. I lost count after 500. Dozens of people contacted me, almost 2 dozen actually came. And what an interesting group of people. Some were native to the area, some not. Continue reading


Level 2: The Dinner and the Other Dinner

Level 1: Once Upon A Time, We Met Online

September, 2006

Shortly after I knew I liked the Dearliest but shortly before I knew I liked the Dearliest, he sent an email stating he would be in the area soon and would I like to meet in person?

Now, I will break from my perspective for a moment to share that “in the area” meant he was going hiking at Lake Tahoe with a buddy (5 hours away from me). I didn’t realize until afterwards that I was his only stop on the west side of California.

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Mother’s Day Joys

We did something new this year for Mother’s Day and woke the kids at 6:00 to go out for breakfast. It was a challenge for Indy, who had been awake since 5:00 (consequently so had his mother) and wanted to sleep, but he trooped through and won the heart of our waitress anyway.

We tried a new restaurant renowned for its waffles, which turned out to be pretty good. The atmosphere was kinda neat, the music kinda annoying (especially for 6:00 in the morning), and the portions, while tasty, were small.


Posing in front of the train cars.

In the end it was fun to try, but not a place designed for feeding large families. I might go back again sometime for coffee and pastries, though. They had some impressive looking cinnamon rolls.

The morning set the tone for what came later, namely the arrival of my parents. Continue reading

Rising to New Heights

The Dearliest rented a 30′ scissor lift for a job, and when that was done he decided to bring it home to give our massive hedge a badly needed trim.

It was quite an occasion. The boys (the girls too, but mostly the boys) always get very excited when new equipment comes home (even temporarily), and when the Dearliest announced rides for everyone LK didn’t hesitate to give his opinion of the event. Continue reading

Level 1: Once Upon A Time, We Met Online

My 11th wedding anniversary approaches, and so I thought I’d take a few posts here and there to tell the story of how I met and came to marry the Dearliest. I meant to do this last year, it being the 10th anniversary and all, but I got, shall we say, preoccupied.

A few of you have been following my blog since the beginning of this story (and well beyond…oh, those days of LiveJournal), so much of this may seem familiar.

The Dearliest and I met online. Really. It wasn’t through a matchmaking site, but a forum for homeschool grads. I wasn’t looking for a relationship, but I did look for good writing, and he had it.Hddnis_Avatar

He also had the most hilarious avatar, which captured my attention before his words ever did.

In fact, he captured the attention of a number of the females on the forum (and the males as a result), although he didn’t seem to let it go to his head. Nobody knew his name, age, location, or what he looked like, but his presence on the forum gave a pretty clear picture of his character.

I liked it.

On a whim I wrote a one-sentence note of appreciation on his profile. I was certain it would get lost in the numerous other posts he seemed to regularly receive, and I didn’t expect to see a reply.

Life got busy. I graduated college, my part time job at the printing shop became full time, and I didn’t check the forum for weeks. When I finally did, I was genuinely surprised to see I had a PM (private message) from him.

Fogwood_AvatarUnbeknownst to me, my avatar and writing had caught his eye too, and he’d been watching me on the forum the whole time, looking for an excuse to start a dialogue.

We began corresponding over the forum with general, little stuff at first. I was pretty guy-shy at the time, still mending some heart wounds from recent years and not at all interested in revisiting romance.

Something about the Dearliest, though, made me feel relaxed. I felt like I could be myself with him, he got my sense of humor, and when he sent me the PM with his name and two pictures, I had thoughts to match.

“He’s tall. Uh-oh.”

A small part of me knew even then what was going to happen, but I did a pretty good job of ignoring it. For a while. He was in Oregon, I was in California. I was totally safe.

Yeah, the things girls tell themselves.

Our messages got longer and we moved to emails, and over the next couple months several things happened.

1) I realized he was more mature in his Christian walk than I. No other guy I’d been around knew as much Scripture as he did, and not just knew it, but applied it. He inspired me to grow in my own relationship with Christ, and that had never happened before.

2) I found myself checking things off my List left and right. Yes, I had a List. I started it in my teens and added to it as I learned more about myself and the opposite sex. Some people said it wasn’t fair to have expectations or standards that high. I disagreed. But maybe that’s another post.

3) I suddenly found myself struggling with the previously firm notion of never having children. (Why no kids, you may ask? It stemmed from two things: years of heartache where my brother was concerned, and some selfish attitudes where I was concerned.) At the time I thought it was entirely disconnected from what was happening with the Dearliest (or Fox, as he was known back in those days). Now I know better.

My position on kids bothered the Dearliest, and he knew he couldn’t and wouldn’t pursue me without a change of heart. He also knew it was a decision I had to make on my own, so he said nothing and prayed for weeks.

God is good, and when I posted on LiveJournal my epiphany about having children and changing my mind, the Dearliest let out a loud “Hallelujah!” from his side of the internet, taking it as a green light to move things to the next level.

Level 2: The Dinner and the Other Dinner