5 Things that Make Me Happy

Idea swiped from Patch. :-D

Life recently has been rather fraught with pressure, but not necessarily the bad kind. Pressure to finish the basement bedrooms/ bathroom, birthdays, taxes, and laundry (which Mrs. Fine is kindly allowing me to do at her house until we can install our washer and dryer downstairs) just to name a few. Sometimes merely cooking food is pressuring, but only because I want it every 2 hours right now Or Else.

There is much to be grateful for, and there are many things that make me happy in our new situation. Here a some of the ones I have pictures of.

1) A functioning, working shower.

IMG_1510_resizeIMG_1520_resize IMG_1533_resize

We’ve been without one for a while. And you see that mat on the floor? Yes, that heats the tiles. We have a heated floor. This makes me extra happy. Some of the grout and caulk need a little touch up still, but The Dearliest did a good job, methinks. I love the built in shelves! :-D

2) Birthdays, Part 1.


Pokado turned 5 and informed me some time before her birthday that she wanted two cakes–a horse cake and a barn cake. I had to break it to her that between moving and morning sickness, I wasn’t going to be up to the task, so how about strawberry shortcake? She agreed, and it was yummy.

3) Morning tea and lazy afternoons.


Sometimes, it really is the simple things that matter most.

4) Chopped and Inspiration.


For a couple months, the kids slept in the living room because the bedrooms were still under construction. This was a challenge for everyone, I think, because the living room is probably the biggest traffic area of the house and with 13 people…well, let’s just say the kids had a bed time of 9 or later for a while. To help keep them settled and at least “resting” at the end of it (and to give me an opportunity to sit down), we started watching Chopped, which is a cooking competition show a la Iron Chef and the like. Little Ken found it inspiring, and his creative side took off in the kitchen for a while.

5) Birthdays, Part 2.


TW had a special birthday, which in my mind warrants a special dessert. She requested Tiramisu, which is probably my favorite non-chocolate thing to make ever (I don’t really count the chocolate dusting on top).

Such is the update I have for now. Hopefully it won’t be too much longer before I can get back into regular blogging. I miss it.

Do you read eBooks?

My authoring friend Katie Maloney is running promotions on Amazon starting today!

The Blackberry Effect is available for free download until midnight tonight.

Deadly Puzzle is available for $.99 for another 6 days.

Deadly Puzzle is her most recent work, and it’s one of the best murder mysteries I’ve read in a long time. And I’m not just saying that because she’s my friend. It’s written from the perspective of the detective’s Irish wolfhound, which adds an unusual but delightful element in an otherwise pretty serious book. Visit the link if you’d like more info. :-)

Life update coming soon!

Merry Two Days After Christmas!

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday. I know I did, in spite of feeling incredibly tired through most of it. I made the official announcement already, but I’ll do a recap for my little corner of the internet: There will be another Fogling arriving next year! The beginning of July is the current estimate.

In the chaos of the holiday season, I found my camera! Then I lost it again. Then I found it again. Here’s the last picture I took from our mountain, shortly before we left it.


I have other pictures to share, but those will have to wait for another post.

A couple weeks ago I attended a Christmas party, and one of the games played involved writing down a little known fact about yourself. I thought about it way longer than I should have…surely there must be something interesting in my past? Alas, the only thing I could think of was “qualified 3rd in a DDR competition.” Quirky, but not something I generally share because…well, that was a really different time in my life.

Of course, over the next few days all kinds of little known facts flew randomly to mind, and I thought I’d share a few of them with you. But not all, since who knows when the game might appear in a party line up again. :-D

  • I’ve met Tom Selleck. He’s way taller than he looks.
  • I once sat in on a rehearsal for a small musical group which included a man who (at the time) was considered the greatest pianist in the world. He asked for a page turner, and I was the only one who volunteered.
  • A musical piece I wrote was used in a video game.
  • I’ve toured a nuclear submarine.
  • I’ve kept an online journal/ blog since 2001.
  • I STILL hate bananas and mushrooms.
  • I learned fencing and archery in college.

So there you are!

Next up: Well, I should probably change out of my pajamas and get on with the day.

Introducing a New Writer

A friend of mine realized a dream last month. She published her very first book! I can’t tell you how very excited this made me. I have watched her work so hard to make this happen, and she’s done it!

I would like you to meet Katie Maloney.

Her Website: www.katiemaloney.com/
Her Twitter: @maloneywrites
Her First (but not last!) Book on Amazon: The Blackberry Effect

I was sad to miss the premier of The Blackberry Effect on Amazon, but I’m sort of back online now and more able to spread the word (which is, obviously, what I’m doing here :-D). The short story falls somewhere between children’s fiction and young adult fiction, but I believe it has appeal for adults as well. It’s a serious but sweet tale about a young girl who rises above less than ideal circumstances as her parents face divorce. You can check out the Amazon link for more details.

I can’t wait for Deadly Puzzle! :-D


Here I am, albeit briefly. Moving is taking a little longer than planned due to a cold, a dislocated shoulder (the Dearliest is fully recovered now, but he didn’t do much for about a week), and some other wrenches that aren’t nearly as exciting.

This post is brought to you from the family’s library in town, which has two espresso-colored bookshelves that are–at present–filled perhaps only halfway with books. The rest are in boxes waiting for sorting. My piano will go in here once we get to that point, but for now it remains on the mountain as a daily source of therapy in this time of uncertain but inevitable change.

Which reminds me…several evenings ago Pokado sat at the piano plunking away, and I heard a song in the notes she struck. Over the next two evenings I penciled it out, and it came together pretty sweetly. I can’t wait to get it into Cakewalk, but I have to finish some other projects before I can start a new one. (I tell you, putting a “no more than 5 projects going at a time” limit on myself is one of the better things I did this year. Hard, but I’m getting more done. :-D)

Until next time!

Out of touch for a while.

My next posting will be from town. Not sure how long we’ll be without internet, but it’ll be good for everyone (read: me) to not have it as a distraction for a little while.

If you need to get a hold of me, calling will be the way to go!

And now, after 2 cups of tea and 1 cup of coffee, I should probably go drink some water before getting back to packing.