Rules of the Work


After two weeks of almost non-stop go on the house, I started finding myself exhausted by evening time. I was still excited about the progress and ready to tackle the boxes still waiting to be unpacked, but physically my body started protesting and rebelling and generally issuing all sorts of unhappy complaints.

And so I set two rules for myself: 1) Quiet/ nap time for the kids is quiet/ nap time for Mommy. No more working through it. (By the by, this blog post is brought to you by….dundunduuuun…QUIET TIME!) 2) Work stops at 9:30 pm. I found myself up at 11:00 too many nights catching up the dishes, or folding the last of the laundry, or unpacking just one more box…Not so great when the littles start tumbling out of bed at 7:00. (4:00 if you count wee Ann, who generally goes back to sleep after eating, but still. It’s an early wake up call.)

As someone who is ALSO trying to make more time for pleasure writing, crocheting, and making music, I’m hopeful these new rules will allow me a little extra freedom to pursue the hobbies a teeny bit.

We’ll see how this all goes.

The Move.

It happened!


(And there was much rejoicing.)

Amid the sea of boxes, unpacking, and organizing, life does continue. Just not super smoothly.

We walk around our property daily.

IMG_0042_resize IMG_0036_resize IMG_1838_resizeIMG_1840_resize

We turn things into art:

IMG_1899_resize IMG_1898_resize

(LK received a tool box with some basic tools for his birthday, and he collected wood scraps from the house remodeling to build The Dearliest and I helicopters.)


(Arc worried the old wallpaper something awful, and The Dearliest turned it into “War Feathers Wallflower”.)


(A small pile of gravel at N&G’s became a castle…it kept kiddos busy for a quite a while as we moved stuff out of the basement!)

I dream about the garden I will have next year. I’ve counted over a dozen rose bushes bordering a lawn area. A green house and a couple [currently overgrown] mature grape vines line another border, and my head is already spinning with ideas of garden parties.

IMG_1841_resize IMG_1842_resizeIMG_0083_resize

Schooling has taken a backseat these last couple weeks, but we did take some time to learn about the solar system. LK’s Granda observed our lesson and informed me about this video, which is pretty cool:

LK got excited by it, so I told him he could build his own model (just not to scale).


He was mighty proud of his asteroid belt.

And then, of course, there’s always time for kids to just be kids!

IMG_1885_resizeIMG_1862_resize IMG_1874_resize  IMG_1908_resize IMG_1911_resize(LK was here.)

Weddings, Houses, and Cakes

There is a new uncle in the family! I shall refer to him as TM, which goes pretty well with TW, does it not? :-D I am so happy for them, and I marvel at TW. It’s not every woman who can tackle planning a wedding, making the decorations, baking the cake, AND being the bride all at the same time.

The wedding went splendidly well, in spite of the wind that blew in. At least the weather waited until the reception! TW asked me to assist with music, which grew (due to circumstances and rising opportunities) into me playing a grand piano for them.

Did I mention they got married in a state park next to a river?

I hope, hope, hope, someone got pictures of the grand at the park, because I didn’t take a single one. Alas. I can, however, share with you the song I learned for their recessional. This is, of course, not me playing it.

I had to take 4 days off of practicing because I hurt my wrist doing it. The first day I couldn’t even pick up my hairbrush, my muscles were so unhappy! Oops. Fortunately I recovered in time to play for the wedding, and I look forward to having this piece under my belt. It’s one of the first pieces I ever heard from The Piano Guys, and it’s been a favorite for years.

– – – – – –

Just 3 days before the wedding, we closed on our house! We waited until after the wedding to begin work on it, and I’m going to do my best to document before and afters. This house is going to have a handful of those.

The first thing to change is the canoe in the wall. In fact, that whole wall needs help.


As of today the canoe is out (and sitting on the back deck, where the kids “fished” on lake Fogwood), and the wall is out too. We discovered a framed-in closet behind it (surprise!). Jury is still out on if we keep the closet or drywall the whole thing.

– – – – – –

LK turned 7 on the same day the house closed, and since life was already busier than usual, I had to inform him that I could make him a cake, but it wasn’t going to be super elaborate.


He approved (new toys!), and it was yummy.

The End

I am so behind on blogging.

One of these days I will sit down and share more about the following:

  • TW’s upcoming wedding, at which I play a grand piano in a state park next to the river.
  • Our new house! We’re still waiting for it to close, but Lord willing we should be moved in within a few more weeks.
  • LK’s upcoming birthday.
  • The huge fires around us. Smoke has been as thick as fog for the better part of 3 weeks now.

But for now I take the days one cup of tea at a time. I’m enjoying this time of super busy-ness, but I admit I’m looking forward to the day things calm down, even if just for a little while.

Here nor There

This post is brought to you by a nap gone AWOL.

“Sleep when your baby sleeps,” they say. In the last half hour, no less than 6 (make that 7) fire fighting vehicles have gone sirening (yes, I made that up) past the house. It wakes the new little up. It keeps me up. Therefore, I give up.
*     *     *
During a tense scene in a movie:

Nana: *gasps* Oh no!
Squeaky: It’s okay, Nana, he makes it.

For reference, here is Squeaky with the newest, whom the internet shall call Ann (Roman Holiday reference, for those who follow the nicknames :-D).


Hello, I haven’t been in the blogging world much. Life, in short, is busy. There is a wedding in a month (congrats to my sister-in-law TW and her fiance)! Another dear sister-in-law (WifePlusMum) and her husband just bought a house, so there’s Much Moving there. Not to mention the new baby and adjusting to a life with 5 wee ones. My word, time flies. LK is going to be 7 this year…how did that happen?


Pokado likes to help me change and dress Ann. No surprise there, as she loves to mother anything that will let her!


And, of course, there is Arc, who took Ann’s arrival in stride and is the only one of the kids who asks to hold her several times a day.


Ahhh, the sirens have stopped, and Ann is officially asleep. I might get my nap after all!

Absent, but still present.

Hello, my little blogging world! I’ve been away for a while in preparation for the new arrival, and look who showed up the other day!


We’re still working on a name for the Little Girl. She’s a squeaky sort, and everyone loves her dearly.

Back to resting for now. Until next time!

(ETA: The official email will go out once we settle on a name. :-))

5 Things that Make Me Happy

Idea swiped from Patch. :-D

Life recently has been rather fraught with pressure, but not necessarily the bad kind. Pressure to finish the basement bedrooms/ bathroom, birthdays, taxes, and laundry (which Mrs. Fine is kindly allowing me to do at her house until we can install our washer and dryer downstairs) just to name a few. Sometimes merely cooking food is pressuring, but only because I want it every 2 hours right now Or Else.

There is much to be grateful for, and there are many things that make me happy in our new situation. Here a some of the ones I have pictures of.

1) A functioning, working shower.

IMG_1510_resizeIMG_1520_resize IMG_1533_resize

We’ve been without one for a while. And you see that mat on the floor? Yes, that heats the tiles. We have a heated floor. This makes me extra happy. Some of the grout and caulk need a little touch up still, but The Dearliest did a good job, methinks. I love the built in shelves! :-D

2) Birthdays, Part 1.


Pokado turned 5 and informed me some time before her birthday that she wanted two cakes–a horse cake and a barn cake. I had to break it to her that between moving and morning sickness, I wasn’t going to be up to the task, so how about strawberry shortcake? She agreed, and it was yummy.

3) Morning tea and lazy afternoons.


Sometimes, it really is the simple things that matter most.

4) Chopped and Inspiration.


For a couple months, the kids slept in the living room because the bedrooms were still under construction. This was a challenge for everyone, I think, because the living room is probably the biggest traffic area of the house and with 13 people…well, let’s just say the kids had a bed time of 9 or later for a while. To help keep them settled and at least “resting” at the end of it (and to give me an opportunity to sit down), we started watching Chopped, which is a cooking competition show a la Iron Chef and the like. Little Ken found it inspiring, and his creative side took off in the kitchen for a while.

5) Birthdays, Part 2.


TW had a special birthday, which in my mind warrants a special dessert. She requested Tiramisu, which is probably my favorite non-chocolate thing to make ever (I don’t really count the chocolate dusting on top).

Such is the update I have for now. Hopefully it won’t be too much longer before I can get back into regular blogging. I miss it.